where the Hades are Satan and his cronies?????

by oompa 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    Oompa..They are at your Wife and P/O`s Wife`s..Yoga Class!!.........................................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Evidently, Satan and his cronies are uploading porn to the Interwebs and inventing popup software to magically make nudie pictures appear on dub computers.


    Dang, there's another one of those steamy popups. Well, I guess I better click on it to see if it's really THAT bad.

  • oompa

    wow....i just found a big demon.....in my pants!!!.............oompa

  • cameo-d
    I would give my left nut to see SOME type of attack......

    Oompa....put on your damn specs, man!

    Have you not already experienced a demon attack? Hasn't the WT had your left nut in a stronghold for years?

    Just because the demon does not materialize with a horn does this mean you do not recognize it? Satan was the most beautiful angel. It's easier to believe a lie when its told to you from a beautiful face. And the lies are more believable when they are mixed with half-truths, the way WT does it.

    WT is run by demons. Religions were developed by demons to serve their needs. These evil watcher angels first taught man how to harness fire for warmth and light. (this is why they are called the "lightbearers" and their offspring and dominions are called "illuminati"...this is the reason for all the light symbolism..."new light" blah blah)

    The Rainbow covenant was a deal struck between the watchers and the humans. The watchers have given man technology all through the ages. They also gave "the laws" and all the rules, regulations, statutes....all impossible for man to keep. It was a set up from the start. Punishment for infractions required a blood sacrifice. Because the life is in the blood, these watchers need to drink blood to materialize in this world. These impossible laws assured them of being kept fed.

    Do you not see the connection that you have already experienced a demon attack by being involved with WT all these mind-bending years? Do you not feel they have taken your pleasures away, your years that you might have accomplished something instead of being a pew warming drone? Do you not feel you have lost a lot of life to them via the WT? Have you not had a sense assault on your sanity? Do you not walk with a mental limp?

    Where are Satan and his cronies? They are under your bed, man.

    (Actually, the demons are in the Kingdom Halls. Maybe that's why they have no windows....demons like dark places. Also no windows so the demons can't escape.)

  • jookbeard

    Great Thread Oompa I've always wondered that , after shitting myself watching the Exorcist countless times I thought I might be getting a bit of Demonic Possession, but nothing, and I've always wondered if anyone has come close to finding Hades, although my ex wife and sister did think I was possessed by the Demons when I was leaving the Dubs( they have since rescinded these idea's), but perhaps just to see a Demon walking down the street or something would be nice

  • oompa
    Cameo-d : Where are Satan and his cronies? They are under your bed, man.

    no way man...just porn and lube there!

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