Did you ever get a green handshake?

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  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    CL: Yep, some in FTS feel that they are owed a living and are happy to point that out... I wonder how many received those "need" letters and actually sent them $$$$?

    DC: This is the JW mentality (or at least the mentality of the JW "clergy" class... those in full-time-service)... they shamelessly ask for money for personal use since they are doing sacred service....

    This is why I put this in the scandals section... this mentality shows how they (or we used to be) are all full of crap!

  • NewYork44M

    I never did anything extraordinary that deserved a green-handshake. And, I never gave a green handshake.

    My father always gave money to the CO. Although, he would usually give it to the CO's wife. I think it gave him a sense of power by giving and then seeing that they were expecting another cash payment.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    My soon-to-be-ex always gave $$$ to the CO's, although I wasn'ty happy about it or the amount.... they didn't have bills and rent to pay, so why did they need my money that I needed to use to pay bills with?

    She felt that we would get Jah's blessing if we were generous with his servants... actually, on several occasions we would get money unexpectedly from other sources shortly after the donation, so that fed her mindset....

    I'm sure that anyone who gave me money and knows/thinks that I am a raving lunatic immoral apostate must be regretting that they ever gave me a penny, lol....

  • NewYork44M

    You should send a thank you not to all these contributors and let them know you have made use of these funds to help pay the legal fees associated with your divorce. Let them know that you still accept donations.

  • DaCheech

    Awak, are you really getting divorced?

  • tijkmo
    Let's expose greed green handshakes for what they are! Indulgences for the rich, greed for the clergy order of special fulltime servants!

    that's a bit cynical isn't it.

    i was the recipient of a lot of financial help ..and i was also the giver.

    on one occasion my car had given up and i was relying on public transport. 2 people in my group gave me £500 each. they did not do this to get something in return.

    in our hall there was also a sister that would give all the pioneers something at assembly times...3 times a year and we had around 10 - 15 pioneers usually. when she was failing in health she asked me to continue to make the donations - giving me the money to do so. no-one amongst the pioneers ever knew who gave them money until she died when i told the cong in my funeral talk.

    so while there may be some who carry on this practice in the hope of some return others do it because they are just decent people.

  • BonaFide

    Yes I did get them. When I was a missionary I would give talks and slide presentations. I would get an envelope and green handshakes. I was always embarrassed, even though my family told me it was fine. I got almost 1000 dollars once at a special slide presentation I gave. The money helped me a lot, since I served in a poor country. It lasted a year, I was able to go out to eat sometimes, and I bought a cell phone when they were a rare item in that country.

    Interesting thread



    Kids see a lot..I saw my parents and others give the C/O the Green HandShake.....I`d be off for a sleep over with friends,at another congregation..Same C/O..More Green HandShakes..Money EyesMoneyMoney Eyes..................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead
    Awak, are you really getting divorced?

    Yep, you know it! Soon-to-be-ex is asking for it to happen now, lol...

    tijkmo: that's a bit cynical isn't it.

    The thread is not meant to be cynical, perhaps you don't know me and my sense of humor. I do know that those of us who have given and received gifts from the friends have benefited legitimately from the arrangement. But there can be a human tendency to begin to feel that we (those in the "order of special full-time servants) deserve to receive such gifts. And some who give may feel like they are obtaining an indulgence since they don't preach much or perhaps have some secret sin.... I am not pointing anyone out, but rather I am asking for those who have received such gifts to express how they feel and how they felt, which reveals how many in such positions still may feel. Having been in special full time servive for 10 years I certainly felt special and that the friends should by all means help me out, which they did. I am admitting to occasionally have had greedy motives for wanting to give public talks and thought that others may have felt the same... I am baring my soul and my bad motives... if you don't feel comfortable with my tone, sorry.... BF: Agreed... the money does go far when you are living in a foreign country... but it can also go to ones head (like it went to my head, lol)...

  • bonnzo

    the only co i gave green handshakes to was my last one, service years 2005-8, he and his wife were the nicest ever, tho' if he knew i was on this forum he wouldn't be so nice to me. i also gave a green handshake to ciro aulicino after a "park talk" in N.C. one month after 9/11. it was so wild, a friend of mine who was not there had relatives from california calling and emailing him to ask if he was there. i heard that he got in a little trouble for that speculative talk. i wish i could get my $50 back.

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