How should I respond to that knock on the door?

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  • jgnat

    It is as unique as they are. What are their interests, hopes, dreams? Don't know? Then you might have to get to know them first.

    So the first step, I would say, is invite them over for coffee. Make it clear whether you are interested in their book study or not. They have a canned presentation to sell, so it might be a little difficult to convince them to have a heart to heart conversation.

  • jgnat

    OK, a little more helpful reply. On the odd occassion I've bumped in to a JW on a chat site, I simply say I have serious concerns. I don't say what they are. If the JW wants to know what they are, I warn them again that they might not want to hear what I have to say. Only if they still show interest do I bring up one subject of concern. I've usually chatted a bit first, so I have an idea what might worry them most.

    Topics that a JW might be struggling with:

    • Shunning (every JW family has been touched by it in some form or another)
    • The blood doctrine (is a transfusion really a dietary choice?)
    • Heavy handed leadership (i.e. changes in the leadership, watchtower and book study arrangements)
    • Is three meetings a week and field service necessary for salvation? (show me in the bible)
    • Too much emphasis on the above not enough on spiritual activities such as prayer and charitable works like Stephen caring for the widows
  • sacolton

    Not to forget that they may use Theocratic Warfare Strategy which gives all JWs approval to lie in order to protect God's organization (WTBTS).

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Be careful how hard the questions are at first. You may just scare them away if you know too much and appear to be an apostate. You might ask about their beliefs on Armegeddon. Most jws have some reservations about God destroying decent people and little children. They don't like to think about it too much.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    XJW4EVER made a great comment in his story that was recently btt'd - he said that what had made him think was when a woman on the doors answered and said to him and his partner... "you only do what a handle of men in Brooklyn tell you to do and you only believe what a handful of men in Brooklyn tell you to believe, sorry but I'm not interested" - referring that he and the other person were automatons with no brain on their own - it was the most effective thing that eventually got him thinking. I plan on using this if ever I get the opportunity.

  • Aculama

    Brother Apostate, You made my day!

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