Have you ever noticed that JWs do things half-assed?

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  • deaconbluez

    Kinda sounds like a broad generalization, but I kinda see what you're talking about. I know many JW's that are very detailed and thorough with their work. But I ALWAYS remember hearing people, both in person and from the stage, counsel young ones to make sure that they find a profession where they get the most money for doing the least amount of work. This, of course, was encouraged so that they would have more time for pioneering and such.

  • WTWizard

    When I became a witless, my secular work quality remained unchanged. However, other things had to go by the wayside.

    For one thing, I used to walk regularly to an arcade that was several miles away (it did help keep my weight under control). I was good at several different games. But once I became a witless, that had to go to make room for field circus.

    I also used to make tapes to listen to of current music. Those were the days before homogenization of music, so the quality of the music was better then (and not just because it is dirty--that is not the issue. More because today's music is more boring than it was back before about 1996). The tapes incorporated music that ran through the late 1960s, but mostly the 1970s and earlier 1980s. And they had decent variety. Not perfect, since I lacked the money to buy that many records, and much material from earlier had simply vanished. However, once I became a witless, I had to trash so many key songs that material after that was simply very dull. Not to mention scarce because of field circus.

    I have noticed many other witlesses have very few outside interests, if any. The ones that did have any always incorporated the Kingdumb interests into them. For instance, they would play an instrument and play Kingdumb Maladies on it. Or, they might have a garden and use it to advertise the paradise that is supposedly coming. It always revolved around that damn Tyranny and the New Dark Ages.

    Now at least I am online a lot. I have my music collection rebuilt to better than when I went into the cancer. I have a few video game systems and play Pokemon and some of the classics. I use my time online to research things just for the sake of finding out what is really going on. And I am helping expose the witless religion as being destructive, even to the point of starting the Second Dark Ages. Not perfect, but at least I am not rewarding those cockroach witlesses any more.

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