Should Short Selling be Banned....

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    You're a mess, Bek.


  • kwr

    Selling Short should be banned to help protect the Stock Market while it recovers.

  • sammielee24

    I think everybody better rethink their political affiliation at this time. Privatizing social security would have resulted in millions more in lost retirement income than is already being lost in this mess. No mention of the fact that it is still costing us 10 billion dollars a month to stay in answer on that glitch in the system. I've heard more than enough ranting about socializaiton and nationalization of other country resources and yet - wake up and what has your country become? sammieswife.

    A good dose of spin

    The two day rally in the markets has already been called the triumph over the credit and banking crisis. Indeed the mood of Wall Street has changed from pure despair to pure euphoria in the span of 24 hours. Lost in all of this are the reasons for the euphoria. We're losing our free markets and there is cheering. US taxpayers will pay for this mother of all bailouts for decades, maybe longer, and there is cheering and euphoria. The irresponsible actions of the very upper crust of the financial structure are once again being rewarded, and payment comes from the sweat of the common man's brow. This is cheered, and there is euphoria.

    In short, this has been a tragic week for capitalism and the free market in the United States . The idea that we'll have capitalism when things go well and socialism when things go poorly is reprehensible. The US government and media has lambasted foreigners when they nationalize companies, natural resources, or infrastructure. Yet our government will do it on an even grander scale and the media looks the other way. There needs to be outrage, notcheerleading.There needs to be accountability, not bailouts.The system needs to be allowed to purge, not to continue the binge.

    Perhaps Sherwood Boehlert, a former Congressman from New York put it best when he said: ‘This is something you can't go on forever without addressing, but Congress in a short span of time is best served by going home.' For once I couldn't agree more.

    By Andy Sutton

  • SacrificialLoon

    We're going to have to deal with all this debt at some point. We should take our medicine now while it's a horse pill and not a Dick Cheney sized suppository.

    If it didn't affect everyone I'd say let the market self-destruct. Some say that some bank stocks were being shorted that weren't as exposed to this mess as others, and it was just some kind of mob greed that was pushing some stocks into the dirt. Perhaps a temporary ban was needed as a time-out to let more rational heads prevail.

    "The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent." - John Maynard Keynes

  • Robdar

    The market is not much more than legalized gambling. Short selling is just a different way to play the odds. IMO it shouldn't be banned.

    I hate like hell that all these corporations are being bailed out by the government. They took the risk, they should have to pay.

  • jaguarbass

    I dont think short selling stocks should be banned.

    If you follow a stock and its cyclical it will have its up's and downs and if you leverage you're money you can make money either way the stock goes. And if you follow the stock you will know which way it is going to go bassed on past performance.

    Take a stock like Target TGT, It tends to go up before Christmas so you play it long and after Christmass it tanks for a few months before it starts climbing again so you can short it after Christmass.

    Probably the brokerage firms like you to short so they can make more money. More transactions = more money.

    But the 2nd richest man in America, Warren Buffet likes to buy good companies and hold them. I think that would be the less risky way to invest.

    You should never put money in the stock market you cant afford to loose.

    The stock market is based on emotion and the emotions have been bad for the broad market since the republicans have been in office.

    Shorting and longing is about the only way I can see to make money in the market with a republican administration in office Because the market is below where clinton left it 8 years ago.

    From Regan to Clinton the market averaged 15% a year except for the 4 years another dingbat was in office.

    Dingbats, republicans= no return on the dow or sp500.= more years one must work till they can retire.

  • WTWizard

    This is what usually happens to short sellers and most speculators. The market will suddenly reverse direction, and they usually end up taking a bath. Look what happened to oil speculators that tried to run oil up to $200 a barrel. They got halfway there--anyone that stayed in too long took a bath on it.

    Let them short all they want. If the fundamentals are not there for the markets to continue, they will end up taking a bath. However, if the market is legitimately too expensive (and it will be as long as the Fed exists), the market will get where it's going whether there is speculation or not. Let them speculate at their own risk--and let's not bail them out when they take a bath.

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