Trying to leave the Witnesses is like trying to leave the Mafia = Death!

by Witness 007 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • strawberry cake
    strawberry cake

    Thank you Nelly, you are right.. This is so surreal, it leaves you dazed! That's what we need to start doing....

    XXX SC

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk
    Also, my husband, who is a guitar teacher is having trouble at work. He works for a former JW 'friend' who is the music coordinator at the primary school that he works at. She is shunning us, so we wondered how she would behave when the new school term begun. Well, we were right to wonder. she has now employed another guitar teacher to teach guitar and decreased my husbands lessons. My husband was not informed by her. She actually told the new guitar teacher, who my husband didn't even know, to tell him. We are waiting to see what happens next. We feel she will be formulating a way of constructively dismissing him.

    The JW,s are the first to cry discrimination,in fact they thrive on it.I suggest taking this far further,to tribunal should it come to her dismissing your husband.

  • civicsi00

    Like others have said before: "There's no honorable way to leave this religion!!!"

    Justhuman is right... it's easier if it's quick and over. But JW's make sure you suffer for as long as you live... It's so unChrist-like.

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