The Alpha males in the JW religion

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  • Hellrider

    While I basically agree with dawg on this, the counter-argument would be the same as against all arguments for pacifism: It would be a wonderful world if all the nations in the world agreed upon electing people like dawgs professor to lead them, but it wouldn`t do much good for a nation to do so, if none of the others did. Take Israel, for example: If they had elected pacifists only, the arab nations around them would wipe them out faster than you could say "shalom". Same with your country, the U.S. Had you elected pacifists only, Iran, Syria, Russia and north-Korea would have done pretty much whatever they pleased, expecting no retribution or opposition.

  • restrangled

    Alpha Males in the JW religion.....?????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (Based on the thread title)

    It was an entire group of men who never made it in the real world and got to carry brief cases with thier initals emblazed on a cheap piece of metal filled with literature from the WBTS. (I will never forget the lineup of cheap briefcases at the back of the hall with all the initialls...what a sight.)

    Their egos became so inflated they couldn't get over themselves.....Of course the men who had real jobs in the real world eventually quit realizing it was a bogus operation.

    Those who stayed in, couldn't let go of the ego inflated titles and ability to control the lives of others...They never made it in the real world, and dreamed of their authority in the little world they were a part of.

    Alpha males moved on an out.


  • misocup

    Obama, Dean, Pelosi and Brazile have destroyed the Democratic Party. I am an orange Democrat voting in protest for McCain this year. Join the resistance!

  • misocup

    Dawg, you've exchanged one cult for another.


    A little sensitivity won't hurt a guy.


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