Anyone know Hands Hubler the D.O Missionary {a.k.a The Terminator}

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  • Roski

    Jess was about 18 years older than Neville and he died not that long after her - I believe. Ted did have a sense of humour - but a bit on the sarcastic side. They both came from a slightly unusual family (don't mean that in a nasty way - from a country town) so had their background to contend with, as we all do. I found them to be more normal than some others.

  • Hopscotch

    PS: As for a*s^-kicking Circuit Overseers, do any of you in Australia remember "Cyclone Rex" Mannering?

    I remember this guy very well. What an uneducated ignoramus! My husband reckons he looked like a cross between John Wayne and Crocodile Dundee. He would get up on the platform and rant about the evils of wall to wall carpet (so materialistic) and how some witnesses would put more than one type of wine glass on the table at the same time. That was the epitome of worldliness. Goodness only knows what any interested ones who came to those assemblies thought. But he was quite horrible and rude and unliked. How do they pick these COs?


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    LOL, this thread has brought back memories!

    Rex Mannering – I vaguely remember him from the 80s. I think we only had him once or twice.

    Conrad Mack – He helped our family with an issue and my experience with him was him being very kind towards me. In one of his talks, I remember him talking about the more worldly ones in our cong who were always needing counsel and his words were “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” for taking up the elders’ and his time!!!

    We never did hear that story from Ozzie, did we??

  • karter


    Anything more on this man?

  • VM44

    Mean D.O.s!

    Is there any other kind? (kidding)

    Ozziepost, time for your story? I would like to hear it.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    He introduced my mum to her second husband... at their request he play matchmaker. He was our CO at the time i think.

    never had a problem with him as i think at 14 i was too dumb to take note...


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