The"smelly stuff "hits the fan

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  • wobble

    Thurs @ 4 p,m BST (British Summer Time) the P.O ,or should I say now de-moted co-ordinator(I wonder if he knows?) and a Mincer are coming to encourage me.This is the official heavy visit I reckon. I havn't been to a meeting since about April this year and have been inactive since a year before that.

    I do not want to be D'F'd or to disassociate as I have ALL my family still in,my dear old Mum(nearly ninety,in da troof sixty years) right down to Great Nephews and Nieces etc. I just want to fade.

    I know I must be carefull,there will be two of them,but any advice will be most welcome.

    thanks in advance

    Love you all


  • FlyingHighNow

    They don't like to waste their time on depressed or sick ones who can't make heroic efforts for them to brag about. Tell them how depressed you are and that you have chronic fatigue syndrome. If they point out that others have depression and chronic fatigue and do heroic things, then just thank them for sharing. They won't tell you this, but they have others they know who are depressed and have chronic fatigue who don't run three ring circuses.

  • eyeslice

    I agree totally with FlyingHighNow. I stepped down as elder then just suddenly stopped going. I have always taken the line that I just couldn't cope mentally with the congregation and the meetings. In nearly 5 years, I have only had a couple of visits. There is no brotherly love or sense of community with the witnesses; just a spirit of guilt and pressure.

  • drwtsn32

    Be careful of questions like "Do you still consider yourself a JW?" If you answer such a question any way besides "yes," they may disassociate you.

  • eyeslice

    Be careful of questions like "Do you still consider yourself a JW?" If you answer such a question any way besides "yes," they may disassociate you. - Good point

    An answer like I still believe in the sovereignty of God and acknowledge in my heart that 'Jesus is Lord' confuses them. They start to think you are a bit of a born again but really can't say too much. After all it is straight from the Bible.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    The sister who came to my door to encourage me to go to meetings again asked me, "Do you still believe that Armageddon is coming and is a solution to all of life's problems?"

    I said, "YES, of COURSE I do!"

    They haven't been back since and I've never been visited by an elder.

    I would use the old depression line. I never heard of it before coming here. Sounds like a good one.

  • Gerard

    Tell them that you are taking medication against clinical depession and that you feel very unstable.

  • yknot

    Theocratic Warfare for any bullet questions. Remember since they can take away your family, they are not 'entitled' to the truth.

    Worn-out, weary, and depressed are all WTS approved reasons to be lax.

    If you have a up on the last weeks, this weeks, & next weeks WT. This way they know you are 'keeping up' spiritually as best you can. Mention what a blessing it is to have & (go scan the sites too) and bluff the rest.

    Here is this weeks meeting activities...

    BS "Live with Jehovah's Day in Mind" Chapter 4, para 11-22 in the bookstudy

    WT July 15, "Meeting the Challenges of House to House Ministry

    TMS: Sept. 15Biblereading:2 Corinthians1-7Song 58


    Quality: Helping Others to Cultivate Godly Fear (be p. 260 ¶2-3)


    1: Introduction to 2 Corinthians (si p. 214 ¶1-4)


    2: 2 Corinthians 1:1-14


    3: God Does Not Foreknow and Foreordain Everything (rs p. 140 ¶3-5)

    No. 4: Why True Christians Rejoice When Persecuted

  • dogisgod

    Well, I guess my mom has been asking pointed questions like "do you still consider yourself a JW" to which I answer that I believe Jehovah is God (a little fudge) "do you believe the GB is the FDS..." I say I question anything that claims to mediate when the Bible is clear that only JC is the only mediator. I didn't know there were "special questions" out there to trap you from publishers. I quess I failed the apostate test.

    If I were you I would just not be available, home, gone, moved, sick, passed out, whatever. Just leave me alone.

  • WTWizard

    If at all possible, try to keep them on a wild goose chase. Tell them you will be at home at a time when you know you won't, and then make sure you are not home at that time. Agree to show up at the Kingdumb Hell for a meeting, and then not show up. Or, keep giving them a hard time in setting up the appointment. Phone calls do not get answered. If they show up at the door, either they waste time waiting in the (hopefully) freezing cold or rain, or it is a horrible time and they absolutely cannot hold the hounding session because you have an "emergency" to tend to (and then don't let them reschedule).

    The more time they waste trying to contact you, the more likely they are to get discouraged. And, if they barge in and intrude anyways, tell them that this "emergency" is extremely serious and could lead to future problems with the organization, for which you will hold them personally accountable. And make it impossible to reschedule. The more their efforts are wasted, the less time they have to hound others and go out in field circus.

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