Things to Remember About Cult Mind Control- "Releasing the Bonds" By Hassan

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  • reneeisorym

    Have you noticed a big difference in how you view life after being freed from cult mind control?

    I feel like I can make my own decisions without asking someone else or consulting a WT CD.

    How do you carry on in life now that you aren't controlled by Jehovah's Witnesses anymore ?

    I still look to the Bible for advice but that's much different. The Bible says, "Do not neglect the gathering of yourselves together." Instead of consulting the WT and believing that means going to the kingdom hall 3 times a week, I can interpret it myself. I go to church or socialize with my Christian friends as often as it takes for me to feel connected to believers.

    A big moment for me was when I started to feel like a real person and realized that not everyone noticed me like I thought. I thought that everyone noticed I was different and was dieing to be just like me because I had the key to life or something.

  • flipper

    RENEEISORYM- Very good points by you that you bring up ! I too feel very free in my thinking after being out of the witnesses for 5 years now. The way I make decisions is just based on doing the right , kind thing to others. I try to treat people with respect and hope I get it back. But if I don't , it doesn't stop me from doing good to others. No one is going to control my happiness or me giving it out to others. I just try to go on in life being happy and bringing happiness to others. Personally, I don't need an organized religion to tell me how to do that. But I know some need religion to make friends and be with others who believe in a " God ". That's fine. Whatever works for each person

  • flipper

    Just wanted to bump this thread up dealing with cult mind control and the 1st chapter of Steve Hassan's book " Releasing the Bonds ". Any comments you have or observations are certainly welcome ! Hope you all are doing well ! Been working a lot lately not much time to breathe ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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