Things to Remember About Cult Mind Control- "Releasing the Bonds" By Hassan

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  • flipper

    I read Steve Hassan's first book " Combatting Cult Mind Control" last year and just started reading with my wife his follow up book " Releasing the Bonds " put out in 2000. A few quotes I wanted to share with you in case you haven't read it - and to help us keep in mind how far we have come from being mind controlled when we were Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Hassan mentions , " Destructive cults are distiguished by their use of deception and mind control techniques to undermine a person's free will and make him dependent on the group's leader. "

    He adds, " Destructive cults use mind control techniques to keep members dependent and obedient. By immersing people in a tightly controlled, high-pressure social environment, destructive cults gain control of their members behavior , thoughts, emotions, and access to information. They take over their minds. " Pretty creepy stuff, eh ?

    Hassan mentions 4 types of cults active in society today :

    1. Religious cults

    2. Political cults

    3. Therapy/large group awareness training cults

    4. Commercial cults.

    The one common thread is these cults want ultimate control of your thoughts and want you to only buy into their programs. No matter what it costs you in time, money, resources, or pain. As former Jehovah's Witnesses we know how damaging mind control can be . Have you noticed a big difference in how you view life after being freed from cult mind control ? How do you carry on in life now that you aren't controlled by Jehovah's Witnesses anymore ? I look forward to your views or any other comments on this subject ! Peace out and freedom of thought and free will to everyone here ! Mr. Flipper

  • leavingwt

    Good stuff, Flipper. Thanks.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Very interesting Flippy. I never considered the other three forms of cult before, but I don't see why I shouldn't now.

    I think even though we can be free, in a sense, by having knowledge of them, on a subconscious level, there may still be parts of it, that we still adhere to, without even being aware. I beleive this is especially so, in cases of born-ins and people who are emotionally dependant on family.

    The cases regarding family ties, are those, in which a need for love, overides our better judgement and the door to acceptance and suggestion, is still left open a little. I think for some, the only answer would be a memory wipe, and re-education.

    Avoidance of cults, must be a lifetime commitment, for some. It's not like quitting a job. Self esteem and acceptance can cause people to regress, even though they may know better, on a conscious level.

    My motto is, if you don't know who you are, what you want, or what you beleive, people will tell you who you are, what you want, and what you beleive. It is a power vacuum. Those born in, never had a chance to figure these things out, and have been influenced in the crucial years of development.

    For those, happiness is a real struggle. Return and be unhappy, or leave and face the dilema, of torturing questions, soul searching, loneliness, vulnerability etc. I'm not saying happiness can't be acheived, it just depends on how big the investment was, and ones ability to accept reality.

  • flipper

    LEAVING WT- Thanks. I'm glad you liked the info.

    TYRONE- Hello Tyrone ! Nice to hear from you ! Great takes you have on this. I agree it does take a re-education of the mind for many to totally get away from cult mind control , and putting new freer thinking thoughts in the brain. Some can do it, but like you said, some may not be able to do it completely. Very true what you said that if we don't know what we want out of life , there are plenty of people that will tell us what to do in life. So it takes really getting to know what we want as a person- get to really know ourselves - then we can start authentically thinking for ourselves and not let someone else do it for us ! But very true- some people want to be controlled and told what to do, but most of us cherish our freedom of choice

  • wobble

    Thank you so much Mr. Flipper for this thread,and thanks Tyrone for your perceptive comments.this has come at just the right time for where my Wife is at now,I need to get her to decide what she wants etc.

    Thanks again



  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I hope things work out for your wife wobble. There are many distractions and ways to go in this life. It is imperative one listens to there gut. This is getting in touch with yourself, letting your soul be your pilot. As far as all the differing ideas and opinions in life go, when you know these things about yourself, it is much easier to shut out the noise.

    I can't see how fulfilling someone elses agenda, and plans can be beneficial, when we all have our own journey and cup to fill. Unless that is what truly makes one happy. If your not happy, whats the point? Even if you go through life not fully knowing, but have your own life, that is more enriching than surrender. This does not at all, imply selfishness either. It is our destiny, and virtue need not fall at the wayside. So long as one maintains virtue, regardless of a beleif, there is no need to feel bad about family, God, society, or status. What more can anyone ask for? Remember, any pain in this journey will be a great teacher, if you can survive it. This will lead to wisdom and compassion for others, when we can recognize, and see others pain and shortcomings, knowing that we are all in this together.

    There are many illusions in life, and it is easy to lie to yourself. The Bhuda says, If one is to attain any level of spirituality , the first lesson you must learn, is that life is misery. If you don't belive it, just try and figure out, how many witnesses are taking prozac, to mask their unhappiness. I wish you well in your journey.

  • wildfell

    Hi Flipper

    Thanks for the update on "Releasing the Bonds". It should be an insightful read. I think it would be especially useful for those born in, because they have never had the opportunity to think outside of the little sphere of "allowed" thoughts. Even exploring mainstream Christianity seems so foreign because (as my husband recently marvelled), "everyone is so free". The contrast between the uptight, rigidly controlled jw's and Christians is blatant.

    Yep, it's a mind-control cult alright!

  • Robert7

    This moreso shows that cult mind control is not about being 'stupid'. Mind control is all over the place, and a lot of people fall for it. This is why critical thinking and free speech is very important. This day and age the internet is a great tool for exposing mind control.

    For me personally this JW experience has taught me to think more critically and not take things at face value. Hopefully this will prevent me from ever falling prey to mind control again.

  • flipper

    WOBBLE- I hope your wife will decide which way she wants to go - either be under mind control - or have the freedom of choice to think and use her mind as she wishes. Good luck to you !

    TYRONE- I too believe in listening to my gut feelings on things. I go by instinct. You are right - it truly is unfulfilling to just live life for someone elses agenda. Pain is a great teacher , very true ! But going through things will help us to gain wisdom and understanding and be more compassionate for others ! Well put by you ! Good points !

    WILDFELL- I agree it is really good for those of us " born in " as witnesses to educate ourselves about cult mind control. It helps us to think " outside the witness box " so to speak. And yes the JW's are rigidly uptight and controlled about everything - it is amazing ! Mind control at it's worst.

    ROBERT 7- You make a great point ! Even highly intelligent people can come under the spell of mind control. It's the catch phrases and promises of organizations claiming that ONLY THEY have the answers to lifes problems that sucks people into being duped. The internet is a great tool - you are right in exposing mind control cults and their schemes ! It really does help us to use critical thinking ability. I'm glad you escaped Robert ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Due to the scariness of " cult mind control" and the dangers involved in being taken over by it- figured I'd bump this thread up for the weekend for any wanting to comment ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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