Has anyone ever kept the donations given at the door?

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  • blondie

    After 1990 I never asked for any money at all. Before that I would mention it if asked. I wasn't big on placing WTS literature. Not good I guess if you are a pioneer. I figured starting bible studies was more important.


  • stillajwexelder

    Oh yes - done that

  • blondie

    I knew an accounts servant that kept some of the donations given at the KH....................

  • free2think

    I always used to forget to put it in the box. I never got given donations very often though, and it was usually like a pound. Once i did remember, so i just took a bunch of change from my purse and kind of added it up to how much i had been given up to that point (felt bad, the big A etc) went and put it in the box and it made this loud clattering noise as it all fell to the bottom. Then this elder goes in a loud voice 'thats not the contribution box, dont you know which box it is ha ha ha?' I'd put it in the reports box, that's how unused to putting donations in I was lol. As you can tell I was a real giver.

  • NewYork44M
    I knew an accounts servant that kept some of the donations given at the KH....................

    That is pretty low. But if the controls were not in place it would not be hard. In my years of account servant I never counted money alone. All receipts were in duplicate and given to the Secretary. The duplicates and the originals (that I had) were reconciled in the audit. Maybe because I was an accountant I understood the process and made sure the controls were in place. My guess is that not every congregation understood why all those pieces need to be in place.

  • undercover
    I knew an accounts servant that kept some of the donations given at the KH....................

    Whoa....I never did that while I was the accounts servant. I treated that money as Jehovah's.

    I did "borrow" 20 bucks one time between the time it was collected to the time it was deposited. It saved me from going to an ATM when I was running late after the meeting. The next day I replaced the 20 before it went in the bank. Technically, it was never missing, but I did feel guilty about it and never did it again. I guess it could have been considered co-mingling funds...

  • NewYork44M

    I never borrowed money from the box. But I treated it as my ATM. When I needed cash I would write a check and then take the cash from the account's box. I never considered that cheating, if I accumulated those checks and reported them on my Schedule A as a contribution, that would be bad. But never did that. Tried to be very honest.

  • snowbird

    I always kept what was given to me.

    Before I was able to buy a car, I walked to the KH and to the territory with a heavy baby and a stroller that kept losing one of its wheels. On the way home from FS, I would stop at the little store and buy some groceries and a nice treat.

    Then, I would pile baby, groceries, and treats into the stroller and head home, feeling good that Jehovah would use me in this small way. No wonder the wheel kept coming off the stroller!


  • WTWizard

    I never kept those donations, but I never donated for the littera-trash when I picked it up. And I never asked for the donations.

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