Has anyone ever kept the donations given at the door?

by heyfea 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • heyfea

    I have.

  • asilentone

    Shame on you!, but seriously I have kept the donations before to eat my lunch after field service.

  • NewYork44M

    I never got more than a buck and only a few times. The money went into the wallet. Soon after that I forgot the source of my new found riches. Thus, the money never made it to the contribution box. I did, however, occasionally contribute for the literature. I call that even.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy


    I always felt like I would get struck by lightning if I did.

  • Shawn10538

    all the time

  • jacethespace

    Not intentionaly but there was some times when i returned home after field service and put my hand in my pocket and " Oh [email protected]@ " there it was.

  • undercover

    I kept it before when we charged and I kept it when we asked for donations (if I even bothered to ask).

    I paid for the literature in the old days, so when I "placed" a book/mag, I kept the money to replace the money I had already shelled out. I was losing money in that most literature that I bought was never sold.

    Then during the donation arrangement, I still "donated" the going rate and if someone gave me a donation, I kept that to recoup my loss. Fact was though, I rarely asked for a donation. If someone wanted to read the material bad enough, I was willing to give it to them. I thought them having the "truth" was more imporantant than a buck. Silly me...

  • heyfea

    I guess most felt the same way. Why should the WTS get money twice or three times if you count congregation donations?

    What always kept me fuming was the insistence the WTS had that we MUST bring the donations given at the door to the donation box.

  • Jim_TX

    Well... I quit before the 'donation' arrangement went into effect.

    When I started going D-t-D, the rags were a nickel each - or ten cents for both. ... oh... and if they didn't have the money - they could 'trade' for a bar of soap - or a box of jello. I actually got some folks who traded soap - for mags (maybe I smelled a bit...).

    Funny thing... when I got home - my mom never wanted the soap - and it usually wound up in my sock drawer.

    Did I give her the money? I don't think so. She paid for the mags - and it was kinda an unspoken agreement that if we went D-t-D and sold them - we got to keep the monies.

    Even as an adult - I kept the money... but by then, I was buying the mags myself.


    Jim TX

  • yknot

    Similar to Undercover!

    Here was the arrangement before the economy started to erode. Once donations have exceeded the original litertrash donation given by the JW (yes spiritually strong JWs still pay for the litertrash!), then a percentage is kept for overhead (travel and food/drinks)... the rest if any is donated back to the society.

    This all said, donations for the literature have dropped drastically in my area to NONE. So to compensate, my peers don't really go out in FS (they just pretend too). They make their literatrue donation and leave the WTs randomly during errands, counting every trip to Walmart as time.

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