Pink Floyd founder Richard Wright & writer David Foster Wallace Dead

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  • Kinjiro

    A flash of brightness that lights up the night, then back to darkness... It's name is Life.

  • zagor

    Sad, but unfortunately everything come to an end sooner or later. At least they lived their lives to the fullest, with no regrets, never spending a moment in self-consuming doubts as to what is the right thing to do. Moment impulse came into their lives they recognized the truth of it and reacted accordingly leaving the legacy we see today. If they agonized over any song a moment longer we'd possibly have to settle today for a lesser version of their songs. They on the other hand didn't give a shit.

    When rest of "proper and respectful" people cried foul over their "we don't need no education" as to what impact it will have on kids going to school, they sang it anyway. And what did history prove? They were right all along, kids never stopped going to school but what really happened was awakening, a revolution of free speech which was the real message behind as seen in rest of the lyrics "we don't need no thought control". Perhaps that was the real reason "upper class" detested it so much. These were dangerous words that heralded revolution. A message for you and me in this is really simple, Recognize the moment in time and seize it.(you snooze, you lose) First impressions are driven by our instincts and are usually always true. Rest is just a bullshit piled up upon us by upper brain that is heavily influenced by our environment and our own self doubts.

  • justhuman

    "So you think you tell, blue skies from pain.....

    We just two lost souls living in a fish bowl year after year

    running over the same old ground, what have we found

    the same old fears, wish you were here"

    One of the greatests bands ever existed. Nothing really dies. I don't believe in dead. We are going and coming in this universe over and over again. Our soul is a traveller in the endless time of the Universe

    Sure we will miss him, but he left a legacy behind him that it wan't be forgotten

    R.I.P. Richard

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