Will the tower play there power trip on me?

by jacethespace 14 Replies latest social relationships

  • johnny1980

    I moved to a new cong. so I could slowly become inactive and leave w/o being df'd for anything... If it's a rental then I say MOVE THE F*** OUT OF THERE!!!! If you own, well you got other problems, if you care to associate with them. How long you been inactive? Depends, if you have been inactive for so long, they usually don't bother you. Hell, leave her car down the street, or park it in the garage.

    Funny how was mentioned "opposite sex" above, HA What about the same sex!!!! LOL

  • greenhornet

    As the Watchtower mag reads overnight only. In there eyes there is no sex during the day!

  • JebusSaves

    Exactly, same sex; the little-EX stayed all night with her girl friend and they did nothing. I seem to remember them telling me that "women sleep with women all the time" ... HA! I think that was them not being able to see through the male fantasy; every woman is a lesbian waiting to come out ... L.E.S.B.I.A.N (Homer Simpson drool at this point)

  • anglise

    Hi JTP

    Good that your life is looking good and moving on.

    Remember that the only power that any of the JW's hold over you is the power you give them.

    If being DF/DA is not a family problem then continue to be pleasant and polite to them but live your own life.

    Hope all goes well with you


  • asilentone

    I live in gated community, so my girlfriend comes here all the time! It does help to live in the gated community, so the hounders will not be able to prove it.

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