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  • snowbird

    Of course that doesn't mean that people don't turn their lives over to humans in the financial, political scenes...

    ... or the medical scene.

    This is something over which I did much needless agonizing. The fact that a person chooses to participate in the political process should cause no more anxiety than working hard for a living.

    Both are necessary, imo, for maintaining a decent standard of living.


  • choosing life
    choosing life

    People have faith in a lot of things. They hope science, modern medicine, political leaders, money, etc. will provide what they need/desire.

    Putting your faith/hope in a creator is not much different. I know you can't see him/her, but there are a lot more things that you can't see/experience in this lifetime then there are things you do actually experience. Our tiny lives are so limited by our small field of perceptions.

    I think everyone would like to see fairness in this life (most everyone). Yet, we don't see it. If this is all there is to the story, what a disappointment!

    That's why.

  • Iwonder17

    Desire/wanting drives people nuts. They only find peace for a short time after they get something that they wanted and desire disappears. As soon as they start desiring agian, they lose peace. W a desire for god, they are eternally stuck in the desire, because there is no way to satisfy it. It's like a ditch form which it is impossible to climb out of, the drug that keeps promising, but never delivers.

    Good point !

    I find myself stuck in this rut....I have a tough time believing evolution so by default I need to believe in a god. But then I don't understand many of the things that god does or does not do.

    I am a father and I would not let my children yern to answer to questions for years, so why does god let me go without my being answered?

  • RAF

    I'm not really going to answer your question (so many answers to that, from millards of people with the same or different believes)

    But when I've read your question I've asked myself (again - cause it is not the first time) what if I've never heard about GOD in my entire life? I still can't tell for real since I've heard about it a bit too much ... but it was other's once conceptions of God ... Again WHAT IS GOD?

    Most of definitions of God seems very personified as HUMANLIKE and IT doesn't match with the idea of GOD (to me) which have to be something which never loses in any case (physically and spiritually) that's why at the end (I mean at this point of my life) I can't see GOD otherwise physically than EVERYTHING (the essence of everything = shared in everything) and spiritually as THE SPIRIT OF DISINTESTED LOVE (for everything = AGAPE = CHARITY = SHARED TO SHARE ANY WAY) And since as an individual, I am a part of everything with my free will like everyone (a gift of love otherwise I would be a robot programmed = no personal real feelings) everything have to deal with everything's ways, choices and maturity (leaded by needs and natural to superficial experiences) which is always about sharing (even if the purpose is to use something for or own and only good something or someone is shared/mixed/used for that - but in this case = if for our own and only good doesn't matche with the Spirit of our lets say Father's spirit (GOD) means that we are not its son spiritually when doing that ... (it is a personal choice, but still a right which actually doesn't match with EVERYTHING) it's like to be a bug in the matrix.

    Anyway spirituality takes over to be able "to bear and love everything" (we have to be disinterested) by understanding, compassion, acceptance,detachment (and that's why CHRIST means A LOT TO ME) he is truly the image (personification) of GOD to me and somehow saying that knowing and recognising him leads to GOD really talks to my heart ...

    LOVE always wins individually and humanly (love of anything good or bad - because that is what motivates individuals in their actions but it doesn't mean that it will lead to win what's the most important at the end - something that we don't know about, since we are not at the end of our lives - when is the end of our spiritual lives? - who knows?) but disintested love never loses globally.

    Compared to love (which is as easy as difficult depending on what we personnally love or not) disintested love, understanding, compassion, acceptance, detachment ARE a BIG DEALS they are all not my friends yet (even none of them most of the time), but still I did realised that when I use thoses spiritual means (when I use/call GOD), I (at the very moment I do) do feel a relief to a big sense of freedom (... I tend to forget that most of the time though, that's why I do not use them as often as I should ... but I know it's true) - This GOD is true to me, and this GOD will never lose me. Also goes way further than that to me in experiencing GOD ... But since I feel that being different, with different experiences and different needs ... GOD do know what we need to experience, to adhere to it, to become ONE in ONE spirit all togheter.

    Also about HELL (I feel like it could be "regret" something which can consume you by spiritual to material selfdestruction finally) GOD plays his role (IN and OUT ouf US).

  • searcher

    Thank you for the replies.

    I can understand the why as to personal reasons/feelings for belief, I cannot understand the why as to belief in something unprovable.

    By the same token I cannot understand the why as to belief in atheism either, also unprovable.

  • jgnat

    Hey, searcher. I know TONS of people who live by their emotions rather than by logic. I think that once a person internalizes skeptical reasoning, there is no turning back.

    But most people don't live by logic.

    How else to explain knee socks, chocolate, and botox?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    "A belief in atheism?" Doesn't atheism mean a lack of belief?

  • searcher
    "A belief in atheism?" Doesn't atheism mean a lack of belief?

    My understanding is,

    Theism...........belief there is a deity.

    Atheism..........Belief there is no deity.

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