What is the financial cost to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • jamiebowers

    Amen, WT Wizard! But on the other hand, look how much the jws save in college tuition and retirement savings! LOL.

  • ID Crisis
    ID Crisis


  • Thechickennest

    WTwizard: I think you really understand the "truth" of the matter is on this subject. Thank you!

  • WTWizard
    But on the other hand, look how much the jws save in college tuition and retirement savings!

    True, they do not have to pay tuition. Nor do they save for retirement. However, the benefits of going to college and having a bit better job security in today's uncertain economy can outweigh the tuition for many. And that goes double for those who have passed on scholarships that would have reduced or eliminated the tuition.

    And retirement savings--many better companies have 401(k) and other plans that match your savings. Plus, every dollar they do not make now reduces their Social Security when they get there. All of which means they will have spent their retirement money on suit dry cleanings, gas for field circus, and donations for the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund.

  • Mrs. Fiorini
    Mrs. Fiorini

    johnnyc, I am happy to share my experience of the JW views on higher education. When I was in high school and planning for my future, an elder in my congregation decided to 'help me out' by giving me a typed list referencing a selection of Watchtower and Awake articles discussing higher education. He titled it CVS for College and Vocational School. It was a number of years ago and I have long since thrown it away, but it was, not just one, but many articles on the subject. None of the articles spoke positively about schooling. They all gave varying reasons that a 'true Christian' would want to avoid taking any kind of schooling above and beyond what was required by law. Somewhat earlier, before I was in high school, I remember the trend was for many JW kids to even drop out of high school. The reasoning was, since we were so close to the end, it was just a waste of time and unnecessary exposure to 'bad associations' and they could better use the time in field service. I don't know what congregation you were in, but in my 20 or so years as a Witness, I have never known a single JW of high school or college age that did not know that choosing to go to college was pushing the limits of acceptable behavior.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    I spent at least 35,000 hours of my life at meetings or field service, so at minimum wage, that's over $200,000.

    Besides spending my car, gas, clothes, shoes, meals at McD's, etc.....thousands there...

    and I was a generous contributor to the WWW (Ma 24:14).... at least 500-1000 a year....

    So now, I feel like I have more money and more time...


    Where does it say anything about college? I suggest you read the Watchtower, for crying out loud... This link to the Sept 1st WT was in another post, reprinted w/o permision...


  • johnnyc

    I am surprised no one quotes anywhere from the WT in response. The reason I think that's the case is due to the fact the WT does not say "You should not go to college" or "You should not participate in higher learning". Perhaps what my good friends here are trying to relate is the WT's position that someone would want to think about the best way to spend their time in view of the bible's instruction of living as if the end were imminent. This is not a WT teaching, but a bible command. Yes, I know the WT has been saying a "short time" for a long time now, and without a doubt they have made claims to certain dates as "significant" - with 1914 and 1925 as being a virtual certainty of the end coming (which they later stated how foolish they were in that thought). Paul speaks to young adults about trying to remain unmarried so they can dedicate their lives to the kingdom work. Paul does not say "DO NOT marry". The same could be said about the WT's "recommendations" on how one should keep kingdom interests first - as almost EVERY religion would claim as their official guidance. These are strong recommendations on life course directions - not absolute rules. Placing the right perspective on your claims is very important so one can ascertain what is truly being conveyed by the WT.

  • mcsemike

    With the people I know it's been the things mentioned. It also was very expensive in the cost of lost wages, therapy, ruined health and MD and RX bills. Lost chance to get a job with a pension, so old age will be a disaster.

  • Thechickennest


    Its a free country. I really think you should put all your Watchtower eggs in one basket and guard them with your life. Its great that you are a happy camper in the WT world however, the facts show that many have heeded the direction of the ones taking the lead in the WT organization and have not completed any strategic plans in personal way for the future. They have gave all. They gave their lives promoting some old men's dreams. They gave of their assets and life energy. They gave life blood so to speak. They transfused the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society with the very life energy from their bodies. The Watchtower sucks the life out of you. Someday you might wake up and feel a litte anemic due to handing over your life to a business, a corporate publishing company that wrecks familys and lives. I wish you the best.


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