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  • wobble

    and would the last to leave please turn that Noo light out!

    The problem is that mind control really works,even on the intelligent,for too long it seems.

    i guess we can but hope that more eyes are opened,can you beleive how long we were duped???



  • moshe

    JW's are really blind to the obvious, namely, if the WT ban on blood transfusions was to be in compliance with the laws given by G-d in the OT , then Jews would be the first in line to refuse blood. JW's never ask themselves, "well, why do the Jews acccept blood transfusions, but we can't?"

  • Fisherman

    .."except these necessary things, to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols and from blood and from things strangled...." Everyone that eats meat also consumes some WHOLE animal blood with it and that does not violate the Bible injunction on blood. God allows it. With that in mind, one could reason that it is not sinful to consume some animal blood. WTS teaches that the only approved use for blood is sacrfice and that is it. WTS also teaches that the blood injuctions is on all humankind. - see Insight on Scriptures (copyight) under Blood. Keeping in mind wts teaching that only proper use of blood is for sacrifice, logically it is a misuse of blood to fraction it or otherwise use it for any purpose whatsoever other than sacrifice, including the manufacture of vaccines and serums and all medical and non medical use . There is no clause in the Bible that allows humans to misuse blood in that way or in any way. Humanity benefits from medical misuse of blood in our modern age and many lives have been saved and diseases prevented as a result of medical misuse of blood. Jws are also beneficiaries of blood misuse. WTS reasons like this: "they misused it and the have to answer to God not us" and that justifies benefiting or using a product that has been produced flagrantly violating a law enjoined on all humanity. If one sincerely wanted to obey the Bible injunction on blood (as the wts interprets the Bible) a person could not use any blood whatsoever for any purpose whatsover. Yet this would result in many deaths and disease if humanity obeyed the Bible in this way. Is this what God wants? I can understand if one had a choice, but medical misuse of blood is the ONLY way that SOME major diseases are prevented and lives saved. Therefore, in conclusion, jws misuse blood directly or indirectly(except blood transfusison) like all the rest of humanity. Everything considered, I do not want someone else's organs or body fluids including blood in my body, but in desperate situations, desperate measures.I want to live!!!!! Of course, there are many things that I would never do even if my life depended on it, but is blood misuse one of those things? Does God want us to choose death over misusing blood? Is that the purpose of the Bible laws relating to blood?

  • moshe

    Like I said, try and find even one Orthodox Jewish doctor who opposes blood transfusions for religious reasons.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Their lawyers have probably said no way you cant change things now.

    The sad thing about this situation is there will be more indoctrinated JWS that are going to die unnecessary , just because of some sloppy inaccurate bible


    Why is it that ignorance follows closely behind power and arrogance

  • WTWizard

    This isn't the first time there has been a discrepency. I remember one Showcase Washtowel posted about how only the very worst people were getting destroyed, when anyone associated with the witlesses knows that they proclaim destruction for anyone that is not doing more than 100%. (I believe that was the April Showcase washtowel).

    So, nothing new here. Just another doctrine--the Showcase Washtowel takes a softer stand. Which is their purpose for putting out a Showcase and Kool-Aid Washtowel.

  • Mary
    All humans of all races descended from Noah, so this law is binding on all of mankind. It was never rescinded.

    Really? Then why does Deut.14:21 say it was okay for non-Israelites to eat an unbled carcass:

    “...YOU must not eat any body [already] dead. To the alien resident who is inside your gates you may give it, and he must eat it; or there may be a selling of it to a foreigner, because you are a holy people to Jehovah your God...”

    Hmmm......doesn't sound to me like this law was "binding on all of mankind." In addition, the transfusing of blood from one human to another was known in biblical times (despite the WTS telling you it wasn't):

    The Illustrated History of Surgery, by Knut Haeger, 1988, 1990ed., p. 135 "Blood transfusion makes its entre'e - The idea of using blood from a health person to transfer youth and vitality to an old or sick one is very ancient. It existed in Egyptian medicine as early as two thousand years before Christ. Similar speculations are found in classical antiquity, as with Ovid: Draw only the swords and quick, the changed blood drains from his body - I fill his veins with the younger..."

    If the scriptures in the bible were indeed referring to a transfusion of blood between two living persons, why would the scriptures not say so since it would have been a practice that the Israelites knew about.

  • Fisherman

    Mary: Both bled and unbled meat contains blood. A bled animal contains a lot less blood though. But there is a difference shown in the Bible between eating an unbled carcass and misusing blood: 10 “‘As for any man of the house of Israel or some alien resident who is residing as an alien in YOUR midst who eats any sort of blood, I shall certainly set my face against the soul that is eating the blood, and I shall indeed cut him off from among his people. Leviticus 17:10 nwt That is why I have said to the sons of Israel: “No soul of YOU must eat blood and no alien resident who is residing as an alien in YOUR midst should eat blood.” NWT Leviticus 17:12 Notice the distinction show here: 13 “‘As for any man of the sons of Israel or some alien resident who is residing as an alien in YOUR midst who in hunting catches a wild beast or a fowl that may be eaten, he must in that case pour its blood out and cover it with dust. 14 For the soul of every sort of flesh is its blood by the soul in it. Consequently I said to the sons of Israel: “YOU must not eat the blood of any sort of flesh, because the soul of every sort of flesh is its blood. Anyone eating it will be cut off.” 15 As for any soul that eats a body [already] dead or something torn by a wild beast, whether a native or an alien resident, he must in that case wash his garments and bathe in water and be unclean until the evening; and he must be clean. 16 But if he will not wash them and will not bathe his flesh, he must then answer for his error.’” NWT Leviticus 17:13-16 . See the diifference? (hint something slaughtered or hunted vs something already dead or killed by an ANIMAL. Something slaughtered my a human for the purpose of eating requires that the it must be bled before eating. This law was upon jews and foreigners. Even after the NT goes on and on about the fulfillment of the Mosaic law, it reitirates the blood injunction upon xtians in Acts and that is one reason why it it deduced that Gods' blood law to Noah enjoins all humans. I dont have an issue with that. One issue is, why jw doctors transfuse non jws on the already carcass principle. Big differnce between selling a wordly person road kill or feeding (or selling, blood trans are not free) him whole blood. Another one is: Is God offended because blood is misused to maake antivenon and vaciines to save lives? If so why do jws benefit and also if it is not a sin, then it is ok to use blood for another purpose other than sacrifice. It takes gallons of processed blood to produce itsy bitsy blood fractions, no?

  • jwfacts

    Genesis 9:4 DOES NOT say to abstain from blood. I don't understand how a JW does not pick that up. It says to abstain from unbled meat.

    (Genesis 9:4) . . .Only flesh with its soul—its blood—YOU must not eat. . .

    GOD'S WORD® Translation(©1995)
    "But you are not to eat meat with blood in it. (Blood is life.)

  • Fisherman

    JWfacts, Genesis does not say that the Edenic serpent is the satan however Revelation does. Acts does say to abstain from blood. Inspite of the Mosaic law being fulfilled as the NT teaches, the no blood burden is placed on christans.

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