Interview with the Nephilim

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    Cameo - I would like it if we could chat about this "story" a little more. would that be ok? I have read a number of the threads you have posted, along with your comments. Would you be offended, especially with me being a newb and all, if i asked you a few questions about yourself?


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    you are dragging up a lot of my old posts the past couple of days.

    You are quite a curiosity yourself!

    I will not answer personal questions on the board.

    If you want to send a personal message, click on my name and it will take you to a page to send message.

    If you want to discuss concepts in the story or questions pertaining to subject matter you can post them.

    I will say only a few personal things: I do not do drugs, I have never been abducted by an alien, and I have been accused of having an overactive imagination.

    I have plucked the flower from the crannied wall and have been dissecting it.


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    I truly appreciate the annonimity of this board, and I will respect your wishes.Is it to personal to ask here what your do for a living, or to be more vague,perhaps your field? If i do have any personal questions that would do more than scratch surface, i will send you a personal message as you request. Thanks for that. Email even if you are more comfortable.

    Have you been dissecting the wall, the flower, or both? Have you been this analytical your whole life? This story that your telling, truly is a testament to your (over)active imagination indeed.

    First off, I will give ya a round about "description" of myself. Somehow it seems like the right thing to do here. I haven't posted my "story" yet, cause I'm not enirely sure what i want or need to say. I'm looking forward to the day that I can just "be myself" and just type away.

    I am in my late 30's. Was born and raised a 3rd generation JW. Married, divorced after about 4 years.

    One thing about being a JW, if you are in for any length of time, is that you become familiar with the bible. JW's being so fundamentalist in this regard, it is often hard to see past the things you are "taught". Much like getting up in the morning, many go through the motions of being in the religion and not really "thinking about what their doing". We just did it. After years of masking our true feelings and emotions, there is gonna be some recovery time. I think that is what brings many people to boards such as this. A handful of didcated ones at this site, put a lot of themselves into this, because they themselves know how it feels to go through this transition. Is it to personal to ask what brought you here, and what keeps you here?

    It astounds me, some of the questions you ask. I'm not sure if its you, or the fact that some pretty obvious things that are in the bible, were glossed over all the years we did the "bible reading" at the Kingdom Hall. If it's not to personal, were you raised in a religion?

    I haven't finished reading all of your story regarding that "handsome man". I wanted to ask you if when you were writing that (you wrote it yes?) does the man you refer to as being approached have a name?

    Regarding genetic manipulation, and the "fallen"; and wanting to "strengthen" the gene pool. Does it remind you of Hitler at all?


  • cameo-d

    Regarding genetic manipulation, and the "fallen"; and wanting to "strengthen" the gene pool. Does it remind you of Hitler at all?

    Who do you think influenced Hitler? Breeding for genetic traits was not his original idea.

    As you can see from this story, it was something taught to Jacob by these alien/angels.

    It is evident by his knowledge of animal husbandry which is described in the scriptures, and by his sly way of using it for a personal agenda, that this was a secret knowledge.

    And how was he priveliged to learn the secrets of breeding solid white animals vs spotted animals? How did he know which would be the stronger breed when he made a bargain with his father-in-law?

    Jacob understood genetics because this knowledge was taught to him as part of the agreement with the alien.

    'Wrestling' with the angel meant negotiations, not a physical tangle.

    Jacob made an agreement to allow them to use him for their genetic experiments on his lineage, and in return he was given knowledge.

    When Jacob was able to use that knowledge of breeding with the animals, it was manifested proof to him that his lineage would be a superior group of people.

    Have you been this analytical your whole life?

    Like most people, I started the "Why" stage as soon as I could talk. The difference is that I never stopped asking.

    Also, in studying English literature I had a fantastic teacher by the name of Ramses.

    Have you been dissecting the wall, the flower, or both?

    Flower in the crannied wall,

    I pluck you out of the crannies.

    I hold you here, root and all, in my hand.

    Little flower--but if I could understand

    What you are, root and all, and all in all,

    I should know what God and man is.


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    bookmarking to read later


  • cameo-d

    Also, in studying English literature I had a fantastic teacher by the name of Ramses.

    edited to add:

    This teacher taught me how to look beyond the surface of words to find double meanings and hidden messages.

    Many times it is like a code.

    Facts are stated using metaphors and allegories.

    You have to dig to a deeper level to find the real message.

    Scriptures are very similar; for instance, you know that 'seas' refer not to the oceans, but to a multitude of people.

    These sort of allusions are what I am talking about.

    Scripture is riddled with hidden messages.

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    Cameo - I see where your coming from; were you suprised when you seen this? Did it freak you out? Sounds like it could have been a little on the scary side? Were you prepared for it, or did it come out of the blue? it's very interesting. Was there ever more than 2 meanings?


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