Annoying comment in Sep 1 WT about higher education

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    it was a bit off topic but I couldn't resist.

    Did the article go on and explain how drugs and education go hand in hand?

  • penny2

    No mention of education is made in the actual article. They've got the brainwashing down to a tee - the relevant comments are in bold print, there's colour in the background along with a couple of pictures. One of a neat, good looking young man being counselled by an older person in a suit. The young man is looking remorseful. I'd hate to think what he's been up to!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    probably something evil like taking his SAT

  • VM44
    The young man is looking remorseful. I'd hate to think what he's been up to!

    He probably had submitted a college entrance form!

  • Fadeout

    At the last DC I attended (last year) in the anti-college talk the speaker actually gave as a reason not to attend college that 'Every year many students die from binge drinking.'

    'Go to college and you could die of binge drinking' is probably the most ridiculous argument I've heard yet.

    Real quick point... I have college friends and non-college friends. Guess which group drinks more?

  • penny2

    Thanks for the link, Tenebreux. Interesting. I'm glad the ridiculous and damaging views of the WTS are being discussed outside of the ex-JW community.

  • iloowy

    > I am angry that higher education is thrown in with smoking, drugs and violence.
    > How many young people will be destined to a life of poverty because of articles like this?
    > Impressionable kids making life decisions based on rubbish like this!

    This is probably an example of why there's one Watchtower for the public
    and another for "Personal Study".

  • WTWizard

    I have had some of these myself, back when I was in the world. I never did try smoking (someone handed me a cigarette, and I broke it instead of smoking it). And I have been to parties where drugs and alcohol were served while in high school, without touching either. Plus, I have watched numerous movies that glorified sex and violence without getting involved.

    Now, if I can go to a party with drugs and alcohol without doing either, there has to be a reason. Independent thinking is the only reason I did not smoke that cigarette or try drugs. Without it, I would have just followed the crowd and smoked, drank, or done drugs. And I would have got involved in violence on seeing the movies. Independent thinking helps one resist those temptations, and going to college helps one to become more independent in their thinking!

    It seems the Washtowel Slaveholdery is trying to get people dependent on them. They need to be told what to do, so independent thinking is forbidden. There goes their best defense against bad associations, so they need to studiously avoid such associations. And the same Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger that knocked out their best defense against bad associations also ruled against college. It is all self serving. People that go to college put pio-sneering on hiatus until they are out, which means several years where the person is less productive. It all works to their advantage.

    Just for the record, I was in college when I turned 21. It is pretty obvious from my profile (visible on the posts) that it was college final exam season when I turned 21, and alcohol was freely available on campus. I went into the bar with a small group that kept telling me that I had the right to drink at that point, to which I used that independent thinking and ordered a Seven-Up without alcohol. All to show that going to college, turning 21, final exam season, and celebrating a birthday do not always add up to binge drinking.

  • darth frosty
  • MissingLink

    How the hell do dubs look people in the eye when "placing" these magazines in educated or college towns?

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