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  • james_woods

    One of the most personal things that I can relate on this very somber subject:

    One of the guys on my Ferrari board was talking to his son (on the phone, to see if everything was OK) when the second plane hit. His son was killed instantly upon the impact.

    Three thousand people is a very large number. However, we need to remember that each one was one person to their own circle of friends and family.

  • LisaAnn

    Very very disturbing to me. It's what finally got me on anti-depressants. It also got me out of the bookstudy- I couldn't handle one more lesson in the Isaiah book describing how wonderful it was that each nation was going to be horribly destroyed. The night we read the section on the ancient towers falling, I had to go outside. Didn't come back till we switched books.

  • Dagney

    My thoughts too go to those whose lost their loved ones 7 years ago. Life changed, the world changed.

    I had left the organization not quite two months earlier. I didn't know what I was doing or gonna do, losing everything familiar. But I knew I was never going back because of this similar feeling:

    The reaction (or lack thereof) of the WTS & elders to 9/11 really bothered my wife and I. The focus on only the brothers, and lack of any love or compassion to anyone else really bothered us. Plus, we expected some 'comfort' at the service meeting the following night, and all we got was some mention of the brothers during the prayer.

    I was appalled.

  • Mrs. Fiorini
    Mrs. Fiorini

    Even though it seems shocking that they would have this attitude, it shouldn't be. After all, they fully expect God to do much, much worse at any time. Their ideas of God and his plans for humanity make these terrorists and, for that matter, even Hitler, look like rank amateurs.

  • Gopher

    Flyphisher ---

    Since you asked, here's a link to the first & main JWD thread about the 9/11 terror attacks.


  • dogisgod

    As a long time flight attendant it freaked me out totally. Someone called and just said turn on your TV. I KNEW that no pilot would ever let their plane be flown into bldgs. It was just so surreal...like a made for TV movie. Unfortunantely our training at that time totally facilitated this horrendous event. Several flight attendants had their throats slit before they knew what was happening. The airlines have refused to give us self defense lessions (I've taken them on my own but that still doesn't put me in league with trained killers...maybe it would slow them down). It is very different out there now but I don't believe anyone would try to take over another aircraft again. If I have to kill someone to protect my passengers then I wil do it. I think there will be more attacks but not like 9-11.

    I heard that the society literally locked their doors to the fleeing masses from ground zero. Anybody know about that? Were you there Bethelboy?

  • watson


    I am glad you are flying. I like your attitude.

    When I imagine a time when this might happen to me while flying, my plan is to just throw myself at the hyjacker/terrorist (I'm a big guy). Just a pause is all that is needed. Then everyone else can pile on and "kick the sh^t out of the murderer. If I get shot, so be it.

    I'm sure your training is much more sophisticated, but if it's in my power, I won't let them use a plane as a weapon.

    It's too bad that there is not some site that has a general training session that would help a passenger know what to do in case of hyjacking. Communication with attendants, etc.

  • flyphisher


    many thanks


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