Lawrence Hughes: My daughter could have lived... (Youtube)?????????

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  • jgnat

    Mary, I doubt that the doctors could have done a succcessful bloodless bone marrow transplant. We also don't know if the doctors in Alberta administered the quack treatment. I do know at a certain point Bethany Hughes was allowed to make her own decisions regarding her treatment. Fisherman, if it all happened in Canada; the parents, Bethany, the doctors, the treatment...all in Canada, how could Lawrence Hughes sue through the American system? I do know that the Canadian lawyers, when reviewing all the facts, concluded that he has a weak case.

    As very sad as this incident was, Bethany chose how she wanted to die. Lawrence is claiming to sue on behalf of Bethany through his grief.

    It is very difficult to convince outsiders and Judges the import of mind control and the questions we have about how "free" Bethany's will was. And you all know also how deceptive the Watchtower representatives would have been through this whole exercise.

  • rebel8
    rebel8 ---->story says wrongful death suit was dismissed ------>more articles>this one says she was taken out of the country

    The one piece I've never understood about this case is why the HLC and mother were not prosecuted for taking her out of the country in defiance of a court order. Canada surely has a treaty with the US that would have allowed for prosecution.

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