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  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Under estimating the intelligence and knowledge of the American people

    Hiring that crooked lawyer to join his staff , for if it wasn't for that crooked lawyer the JWS would have never existed

    and we wouldn't be here to day

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I agree with Homer.

    #1 But it wasn't really a mistake. He knew very well that Rutherford was power hungry and gave him 1000 dollars to screw off far away. He had already planned who was going to take over and how things would be run. His real mistake was not knowing the legal loopholes in the law, that allowed Rutherford to disassemble his will.

    2. The Miracle wheat scam that sullied his reputation.

    3. An alleged affair with Rose ball

    4.Dieing on Halloween, and getting buried in a Roman Toga. There's just no legitimacy here. Being buried under a pyramid? Even the society, cringes over that one.

    5. Standing on a streetcorner waiting to be taken to heaven. What arrogance!

    6. Admitting to fellowship with the freemasons, until he later ended his association.

    7. Writning exhaustive volumes on the scriptures, which were too complex and boring for the average laymen. ( a complete waste of time) It is nothing more than an item for collectors now.

    8. Growing a Captain Highlander beard. Today beards are frowned upon, you swine!

    9. Using the words advertise, advertise advertise, the king and his kingdom. ( Do you sell hot dogs too?)

    10. Not finding a way to liberate women and give them eqaulity. ( Chauvanist)

  • JWdaughter

    He met the guy who started up the original magazine. Then he listened to him. Then he went along with his reasoning. He should have slept in that day.

  • Mary

    Starting the religion up in the first place---that's a foregone conclusion;

    Inheriting all that money (although that wasn't really his fault)

    Having the affair with that chick Rose Ball

    Telling everyone that Jehovah lived in the Dagobah System----or wherever the hell He was supposed to be

    Telling black people that they'd be white in the New System

    Putting a slant on the words "anti-typical" and "invisible".

  • stillajwexelder

    Using the words advertise, advertise advertise, the king and his kingdom. ( Do you sell hot dogs too?) That was Rutherford in 1922 at Cedar Point -Russel died in 1916

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    here are a couple beauties...

    drum roll please....

    1) coming to the unmistakable conclusion that the Great Pyramid was, and I quote, "God's Stone Witness"

    2) equating the fact that a passageway in the great pyramid measuring 3416 inches had to mean 3416 years which ended in 1874, marking the beginning of the time of trouble, in the 1897 edition of Thy Kingdom Come book ( a mistake because in the 1916 edition of the same Thy Kingdom Come, book the measurement of the same passageway was magically changed to 3457 inches so that the 3457 years ended in 1914 and no longer 1897 - duh...didn't they think anyone would check the earlier edition?)

    The Oracle

  • Honesty

    He responded to the voice of a stranger instead of to the voice of God.

    Today the cult he began says to respond to the stranger as if it were the voice of God.

  • MissingLink

    Dying before saying "Just kidding everyone"!

  • Finally-Free

    He started a cult that continues to oppress its adherents more than 100 years after he started his "preaching". It seems to me the biggest mistakes were made by those who listened to his teachings.


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