I Find that Being an Apostate Can Be Quite Funny, Do You?

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  • jamiebowers

    I've been out for 20 years but only discovered JWD in the last few years (lurked for quite a while). Anyway, I find it quite humorous that we apostates are privy to actions, decisions, literature, news etc of the WB&TS before our jw friends and relatives. When I told my "worldly" aunt with much glee that I downloaded the "Shepherding the Flock" book, she didn't get it. It still tickles me that I have it.

    So, what about you? Are you a happy apostate, and do you find this kind of stuff funny?

  • minimus

    I know I'm a scream!

  • NewYork44M

    I am a happy apostate. I am much happier now than I ever was as a witness

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    I'd rather be miserable on the path to the real truth, than happy on the road of fake truth.

  • Hope4Others

    I'm happier now than I ever was going having the mundane, mundane life...

    Actually I'd say my life bubbles with enthusiasm....lol

    "Life is what happens while your busy making plans"...John Lennon

  • DJK

    By definition I am not an Apostate, and I feel really sad about that.

    Seriously? Seriously!!!!

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    I know some of you will disagree with me, but i think I have the best of boths worlds, I am still "in" the truth but i know the real truth, and I have never being so well informed about the WTS as I have since I've being on JWD. I have a ball when I inform my Elder friends about what the WTS is going to do next before they do and they askl "how do you know that !! " , now I'm going to tell them about the C/O arrangment being removed. .... and the laughts continue !!! hahaha

  • leavingwt

    Couldn't be happier! Yes, it is quite funny, sometimes.

    Check out this quote from a recent CNN article. A fellow 'apostate' sent it to me today.

    "Most of the survivors decided to ignore security protocol. They headed
    downstairs through a smoke-filled stairwell and didn't wait to be

    "They were not rule followers, they thought for themselves and had an
    independent frame of mind ," Gonzales says."

  • rebel8

    Yes, I find a lot of it hilarious now. I especially love making fun of it. Maybe it's disrespectful, but it is therapeutic, and I don't do it to their faces (heheheh).

    I am near your age and have been out about the same amount of time, too.

  • gymbob

    I just enjoy life alot more away from the witnesses.

    In my fairly small town I still see witnesses all the time, and it is amazing how much older they look since I left about 5-6 years ago,whereas I really don't think I've changed much at all (except for my hair being longer, and I have some facial hair).

    I still get undates from my daughter about what her JW mother is up to, and sometimes it just cracks me up what those whacky people believe. Also, it's amazing the lengths they will go to in order to try and, "make a good witness" to others.

    Recently my ex-wife's non-witness parents came to visit, and my ex had to make up some crazy story to tell her parents about why my daughter can't go out to dinner with them. Of course there's no way in hell she can tell them, "Oh, she's DF'd and I'm not aloud to talk to her anymore, I still do, just don't tell my elders. But there is no way I could go out to dinner with her...someone in my congregation might spot me eating with my own daughter and report me!" If they knew the truth, they would kick her a**!

    When my son (who isn't DF'd, just quit going years ago) told his non-witness grandparents that he was thinking about joining the Navy, my ex-wife started the whole JW preach and talking about how wrong it would be (you know we only serve Jehoover's government), then my ex-father-in-law ripped her a new one! He was in the Navy for many years, and let her know that freedom isn't free right in the middle of the restaurant. My son told me he was quite loud and mad at her JW views.

    Those people are crazy.....but sometimes very entertaining! GYMBB

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