Got My Nose Pierced

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  • Quester55

    I've always wanted my nose pierced cause I think its so cute and sexy. My boyfriend thinks so too. So anyway, I got the piercing and went to the hall. I get the feeling they know that I'm fading, but theres really nothing they can do about it. I go to the ocassional meeting, I even go out in street witnessing. Those old saved sisters look at me but don't say a word...I know they are talking among themselves about,"Look at the nose ring, thats so worldly! ETC...etc...etc..."

    I'm happy. I have a companion, I'm in school working toward my degree and for the first time in nearly 2 decades I feel like I am in charge of my life. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo. Just want a rose or something on my shoulder, but...I don't like pain...Any advice?


  • Quandry

    Well, my advise is motherly. Don't let piercings or tatoos do the talking for you. Get an education and learn to use your voice.

    There was a comercial on T.V. showing a man at a job interview-he had a stain on his shirt and everytime he would start to talk to the interviewer, the "stain" would start shouting. The potential boss did not hear what the man was saying because he was focused on the talking stain.

    With your nose piercing, people who see you don't focus on what you say, they are wondering as you are talking, "What point is she trying to make by getting her nose pierced? Is this an anti-social comment? Does she feel insecure and think that she needs something to make her feel 'special' to those around her?"

    Also, many employers take a dim view of tatoos and piercings. I work in a school and tatoos must be covered. One woman always has to wear high-necked tops because when she was younger she got a tatoo on the side of her neck.

  • calico

    I already have two holes in my nose! Sorry, couldn't resist!

  • Quester55

    That;s funny. You've already got two holes. LOL Yeah, I hear you. I appreciate the advice. The nose piercing is actually rather small, I have a tiny diamond that you have to look at me really close to see it. I do work in a preschool, and a lot of my children haven't noticed it. Some of my coworkers haven't noticed it. That;s the extent of any piercings I'm gonna do. Tongues, breasts and any other tender parts is strictly OFF LIMITS. I can't take pain. The tattoo I'm thinking about would be around my shoulder blade and would be a single rose, that's if I go through with it.

    Thanks and everybody take care.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    My sister in law is quite young to me but quite the thinker. She wants a nose piercing. I said go for it. Rachel had one.

  • free2think

    Hey Quester Congrats on the piercing, i've got my nose pierced too, its very liberating. Im glad you like yours.

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    Finish fading quickly before they assign a "Widow Douglas" to you in an attempt to re-civilize you.

  • Mandette

    Quandry is right. Just remember that most employers do judge you by your appearance. A nose ring(if it's a little stud in the side of your nose) is easily removed for interviews, work, etc.

    I have tattoos. There is no such thing as a painless tattoo. Depending on where you get them, they can be more painful or less painful. Depends on the concentration of nerves. Typically "tats" on the feet or hands are more painful where "tats" on your hip aren't as bad. It's different for everyone. Tattoos are a personal decision of course but I'll go back to agreeing with Quandry again. Keep them out of sight in your chosen profession. Most careers demand a professional appearance. Mine are out of sight at work. Outside of work they can be seen. I have one on each ankle. My job requires long pants so it's not an issue.

    If you decide on getting a "tat", shop around and research the studio you go to. Depending on the state you're in check for licenses, etc. Make sure they're using new needles every time. I would not go to a studio that autoclaves it's needles and reuses them. AND if you get as far as going to get one...don't drink alcohol before hand...make sure you've had lots of water and eat a couple of hours before(I made the mistake of getting my last one without having ate all day.....I was totally embarrassed when I passed out from low sugar....giggle).

    have fun


  • free2think

    I agree with Mandette and Quandary too.

    I have tats. One on my back and two stars on my two on my wrist and one on the other. It really does depend on your profession etc. And yeah there is no such thing as a non painful tat, just differing levels really.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Sorry, another mom here. Just think a few years down the road. My company policy says no visable tatoos. There a few men and women who are forced to wear long sleeves even in the summer because of tats on their arms and they can't wear body peircing (only two holes per ear can have earrings in). I will qualify that this is the mid west and much more concervative than California. Have fun though, and finish that education. Mom.

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