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  • LunaFing

    Welcome! I feel the same as you. I wasn't born into the "truth", but I was brought up as a JW from the age of 6. I hate what the religion does to families. It's all so stupid. Rant away, it'll make you feel a lot better.

  • free2think

    Hey Billie Jean Welcome to JWD.

  • billie jean
    billie jean

    Thank you

  • *pancakes

    Hello Billie Jean

    I was born in like you. But like most people I just went with the flow and accepted that I was very lucky I was to be brought up with 'the truth'.. its such a scam

    All the best x

  • billie jean
    billie jean

    Thank you, everyone x

  • Aculama

    Confusion, pain, remorse, seperation from loved ones, false teaching, hypocritical false autority, lies, misenterpritation, deception, ect, ect, ect. I can't tell you how happy I am that you have found freedom! I have found you can't have a counterfeit dollar without having a real one first. J.W. is as far from the true God as you can get (even though its religious appearance falsely represents Him). It kept you from the true living God all your life, please don't let the bitterness it planted in you keep you from Him now. You have all our love, support and prayers!

  • Aculama

    P.S. by the way welcome aboard!

  • laissezfaire

    As a parent of children raised in the religon I wish I could just hug you and say I'm sorry for your parents. My husband ( we are both out after 20 years in) speak often about how we wish we could do it over. Although it wasn't all bad the end result of raising your kids in a bubble is disheartening. The experiences they missed that are so normal like sports, dances,dating, holidays family get togethers etc......just not in their memory banks becasue of us. I thought I would do such a better job than my parents and look what I did. I just can't believe I did that to them.

    We have 3 children:

    Our middle son was disfellowshipped at 16 and we tried everything to get him back in to no avail he really just didn't believe it anymore; although he really tried at one point when he was 19, I think he just wanted to get us back in his life more fully...can you blame him...it makes us sick to think about it.....he is now happily married for 2 1/2 years and expecting his son our grandson in November!

    Our Daughter the youngest was a pioneer when we left and was very stubborn and would not even let us talk to her in any depth as to why we were leaving one year later and time to see how people were treating us she came out and now is leading a very happy functional life on her own on the Mainland..

    Our Oldest son is shunning us to the hilt! He will not return any of our phone calls now since March and I have not seen our first grandson since December 06. HIs wife called me a month or so ago and said just leave him alone you have two other children focus on them. How another mother could even speak those words is beyond me but that is what the cult does to some people.

    When I think of what is happening I hate that I was so decieved. I told all our kids that if I had known what I know now when I started studying as a young Mom of a 4 month old, I would have never never joined. It breaks my heart to think I have lost a child to this organization which at this point I see no real hope of getting him out of.

    I guess I would say as a mom to a son or daughter who is experiencing this is: If they are letting you in their life at all, be as loving as you can they just don't know, like Franz said they are vitims of victims. Because you do know be patient but don't take their digs without a loving firm response,help them to think outside the box and if you can't you have to accept the limitations for now. I struggle often to find balance with this but I know deep in my heart I am not a wicked evil person for choosing to leave and you know that too. Be kind in your dealings and show them you are the wonderful person you are by your actions. Know you are not alone in your pain and anger but continue with what makes you happy and who makes you happy and when the bad days come as we know they do just don't stay to long in that place and make yourself sick. We both hope that one day our family members will come back into our lives and we will be complete. But if they don't we have to learn to be O.K. with what is......even though we know it is so wrong......

    Hope that doesn't sound too preachy all the best to you

    From a mom to a daughter my hugs to you


  • still_in74

    Welcome to the forum billy.

    I was born into the religion also.

    A childs innate instinct is to trust their parents, relatives and elders. They betrayed our trust.

    I also hate the f*****g feligion.


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    that's so ture

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