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  • flipper

    BILLIE JEAN- Welcome to the board ! THe reason your parents are so scared of going to a psychologist is because they are told by their leaders in their " church " that psychologist use man's wisdom and not God's wisdom to solve problems. So Jehovah's Witnesses put down higher education and any advice that comes from anyone trained in higher education, ie. colleges, universities, etc. It is a shame because the elders in their cult are not trained to deal or give advice about depression ! So your mom truly is hurting your dad's chances of getting professional help to effect a healing on him or get him on some anti-depressant medication which might help him ! I would emphasize to mom that the elders ARE NOT doctors- that your dad needs trained professional help. Sorry- but your mom is living in the dark ages. Good luck on convincing her- Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    "when i went to a therapist prior to my eyes opening i would not talk religion. She asked but I would not go there. I had to protect Jehovahs name! No concern about protecting myself! just the organization. Hows that for brainwashed?" ----- Were you protecting jah because you knew how crazy the jw lifestyle really sounded or because jah somehow needed you to protect Him from the non believing worldly person? Can someone explain the thought here? How can a mere human protect what should be God?

    Can I take up that point for you Carla? One of the reasons a JW would never criticise the organization or belief system to a mental health professional is because it may prevent that person from listening to the Kingdom message. That would make the witness bloodguilty.

    Reading that back it sounds crazy but that's how I would have viewed it before my awakening.

  • ataloa

    billie jean, welcome to the board.

    I'm sorry to hear about your father; depression is a terrible condition to be in long term. Usually friends and family don't understand and won't take the time to even read about it so as to have a clue how to help. Not only that, but their innuendo-laden comments make the depressed person slip farther down the hole.

    He's probably not going to go talk with a counselor because (in his mind) he will either lose his relationship with Jehovah, or bring reproach on Jehovah's name, as others have said.

    So I wonder, do you think it's possible that he might read a book about it? I mean from a person that's been through it and knows exactly how it feels? That way he could get helpful information and no one could ask any questions about his religion. In my experience, it is imperative that he find a person on this earth to truly validate his feelings. It would be a start.

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