important counsel about the BS changes... puke

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  • Pahpa

    Ah, the shifting sands of Watchtower policy.... A few years ago, the BS was the "most important meeting" we had because Kingdom Halls were going to be closed down. In a complete reversal, it seems the BS has been demoted to the least important meeting sandwiched in between other meetings.

    But it is amusing to see how some "die hard" JWs try to justify these changes by claiming it is Jehovah's direction. But, then, isn't God suppose to be unchanging...."the same today, tomorrow and always?" Well, I guess it's a lesson lost on most JWs.

  • BluesBrother

    Dantheman is right to say that not all dubs will swallow this kind of twaddle. Most of the ones, that I can get a comment from, are just bemused by the new arrangement, and do not think the society have given adequate reasons.

    With the best will in the world , I am sure that a lot will start off with intention of using Tuesdays for study..but life gets in the way, An urgent trip to the late shops for something , a sports game on T V (just once), all sorts of things crop up and they will find that the habit has slipped..Oh well !

  • watson

    The "friends" that use the extra night for personal study, will find a way to let everyone know.

    Look for a KM part....."Making the most of your personal study night!"

    I am anxious to hear the comments.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Of course 'da frienz' were supposed to have been doing family studies and personal study all along. If they were before, they'll keep doing it. If they weren't doing it before, they won't start now.


    Look for a KM part....."Making the most of your personal study night!"
    I am anxious to hear the comments.

    Perhaps I'll comment on my personal study night research on 607 BCE, and blood fractions. Any other suggestions?

    B the X

  • free2beme

    No matter what the society does, there will be someone in the organization willing to reason it out. Even Manson could reason out his reasons for killing people! When I was a Witness, we were told book studies were the most important meeting, as it was the one closest to what would be done in the great tribulation and now it is being done away with? It is being done away with, because the attendence in all meetings is going down and they need to make sure proper brainwashing is being heard and figure that can be done in one meeting and not two. Plus, like all aspects of life, I would bet gas prices have a factor in trying to help their people not to have to drive so much. While some KH's were only a few miles away for some, I had friends in some states who drove 30 miles or more to a meeting.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    That sounds like some twisted logic. This is to teach them how to get their study done more quickly, "in a condensed format"? That's a new thought for me. Are they going to talk faster too?

    If you want to see what is going to happen, just look at how much family study gets done now. It won't take long for them to just settle into a two meeting/ week schedule. Most jws I know are a bit confused why they would stop the one meeting in private homes, as it was supposed to be the place to go when the persecution comes.

  • still_in74
    "well they must know what they are doing"

    yes that is what all those mashed potatoe brained idiots say!

    it pisses me off that even after multiple WT articles over the past 18 months that point out over and over again that the FDS/GB are NOT INSPIRED, NOT PROPHETS, DO NOT HAVE ANY SPECIAL INSIGHTS EVEN BEYOND WHAT EXPERIENCED MEMBERS OF THE GC HAVE....that the R&F STILL SAY "THEY MUST HAVE A REASON" or "THEY KNOW BETTER THAN WE DO" or "THEY MUST KNOW SOMETHING WE DONT" or "THEY MUST HAVE NEW LIGHT"

    Dont you see??? THEY DONT KNOW ANY MORE THAN YOU DO! They're just guessing!!!! They dont know SHIT!!!!! They keep telling you that they dont know shit and you still walk around like the GB have a big red phone in there office with a direct line to Jehovah!
    The R&F hang onto every word the GB says but they dont hear a dam thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • magoo
    The time will soon come when we might not have the publications to study

    .......oh....i get another money saving effort, the 'slave' is preparing the flock for no more literature publications......layoffs at bethel....slowing the printing in new york city....the past several years printed literature getting cheaper & cheaper.....uh's all so clear now......maybe even saleing the kingdom halls.....


  • TheListener

    Everyone's comments are right on.

    Getting ready to meet in private homes by cancelling the meetings in private homes. oh that's goood.

    Why did Wendy define the standard dub terms?

  • New light for you
    New light for you

    Song 19- Nice to hear from you.... This letter is just like the one that "stumbled" me out of the truth. Once you have a slight "outside" mentality, you can see where these letters are ridiculous! BUT- if you were in, it would be SOOOO UPBUILDING!!!! They DONT look for the faults, they're constantly counciled NEVER to find fault with the society or they're APOSTATE!!! (whatever that means, cuz noone really knows that either-its just BAD!) I was quite stumbled by the society change on the bookstudy. More will be too. I also believe there will always be people coming in, and always people leaving. I think they'll still be around.. .um.... till 'THE END".

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