Time is running out for the Society

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  • yknot

    This is what I have heard since 1995......

    If the system survives past 2014......Oct 1, 2034 ....

    1914 + 120 years (similar to Noah's day Gen 6:3...hence the 'door of the ark is closing'.)

    They can try to distance themselves all the want with the generations talk but many still are holding firm to chronology.

  • cameo-d
    Never underestimate their ability to creatively change their teachings

    That's what I thought when I saw this "new song" website and read about this "new organization." It sounds just like Watchtower speak....same buzz words, same type of sensationalism. Seems they have been around since 2004. It looks like WT damage control if you ask me.

    What better way to continue on than to revamp...play good cop/bad cop in knocking the past issues that didn't add up, and then to come forward with a new program?

    This 'new song' stuff could be watchtower reinvented. It's almost like they have taken all your disputes here, published the wt faults to "debunk" them and dismiss them, then they carry on with other wt teachings being brought to the forefront along with more 'new light'.

    This organization calls itself yorww (yah our righteousness world wide). They quote from a lot of wt materials.

    Even though they say WT is wrong about this and that, they still hold to basic WT principles...like michael is Jesus, etc.

    Wouldn't it make sense that WT would surface again with a "new improved version"?

  • Mutz

    We will never get to 2015. Armageddon is 'imminent' so I have been told.
    The WT have never used that word before (????).
    There's no point my sister opening savings accounts either because by the time the children
    reach their teens Armageddon will have been and gone.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    The exploitation and manipulating of idiots will continue its been a marketing strategy now since the beginnings

    one wizens up to this scam only to be replaced by another

    we're talking about men with the power of god in their hands, its very difficult to take it out once its there

  • independent_tre

    Even though the WTS has no problem finding new believers to replace the old, there are real victims of this sort of eschatological indoctrination. My parents have decided to make an unwise decision regarding the house they own - I believe it's called a reverse mortgage, anywho, this really points to their deep rooted conviction that they don't have to plan for old age or retirement. They never even talk about it.

  • flipper

    Not only is time running out for the society- but in my opinion time is running out for any of our families who have been misled by this freakish cult. I may never see my daughters again, I may never see any possible grandchildren. I'm not willing to lay down like a dog and let that happen ! Just ordered Steve Hassan's other book , " Releasing the Bonds - Helping People Think fot Themself " and I'm going to revamp my plan about gradually getting my 2 adult daughters out of this JW mess. There is just too much at stake for the rest of their lives ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Gill

    I'm glad that I no longer care enough.

    My parents and a lot of family are still dubs. I cared once, but I see them as the senseless easily led fools that I too was and I find their antics, (always despising myself and my immeadiate family as bird food), amusing.

    My skin crawls whenever I have to spend any time with my parents who at ever opportunity are saying bad things about people who have left 'da troof' and how bad people 'like that' (meaning me and mine), are. I no longer argue or correct them. After all, the opposite of love is total apathy. That is the stage I have reached.

    I smile politely, thinking what a silly pair of arse holes my mum and dad are and then once they leave, remind myself not to answer the phone when they ring, or open the door when they call. Why should I put myself through any furthur abuse?

    Thing is, the Society continues despite its shovelling of BS for the last 120 + years because there are stupid people, like my extended family and parents who want to, really WANT to blieve that they are special and different and 'called'. Let them. It's all very funny!

    The 'Society' will slowly diminish into nothingness, be it in ten years or a hundred years. They will be gone!

    Thing is, that all those daft people who wasted their lives on these lies, will never get their due compensation.

    I often think these days, that it is vitally important that my elderly parents continue to believe in the WT Society.

    If my mother ever found out, or realised or even understood how duped she had been, she would be the first to be down the KH with a pitchfork and burning torch!!

    So, let the people who need the BS continue with it.

    If they want to wake up, they will. Until then 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!'

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