Finally given in - going to have counselling!

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    I have started to attend AA this year and find it really helpful to talk in a group about problems that i have been having. Initially it had to do with drinking, but now that i do not drink and neither do many in AA, it is good therapy to talk about anything that is on our minds.



    I have had years of counselling to heal from being born and raised as a dub, plus survive an alcoholic father's abuse. Yes, it has helped greatly! I recommend it. Mr. ESTEE has also had counselling. I would not have continued a relationship with him if he was not on the same page as me --- with mental/emotional health. It just wouldn't have worked otherwise.


  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Dobbie, I have not officially had counseling but I'm in that field of employment and we help eachother out alot because we are all open to it. I'm sure you have heard this said before but I think it is so logical. You would not hesitate to get help if you were diabetic, you would take the proper medication or make appropriate lifestyle changes. If your child has a fever, there are measures you take to bring it down or find out what is causing the fever. But when people see a possible mental or emotional problem they view it as a personal failure or weakness. I don't know why. Often too, it is actually a biochemical problem , just like any other physical problem and short term antidepressants will work wonders to help with low serotonin levels. Sometimes just talking helps. Digderidoo attends AA meetings and talks to different people that all have one glaring problem in common. That's why I have found this forum to be so helpful, one similar experience but many different perspectives. I hope you have a great experience.

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