Finally given in - going to have counselling!

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  • dobbie

    Went to the docs today, have finally accepted that i need help getting over (or accepting) some of the huge guilt i have for things in the past. I persuaded hubby to have it last yr and it has helped him so much that i am going to try it. Am very nervous as not one to talk about things with strangers but if it gets good results and makes me (and then my family) happy then it is worth it. Just wondering has anyone else had it and found it to be beneficial (or not)?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I am having counselling. It's been a very positive experience for me. I hope it helps you too.

  • shamus100


    This forum is not counselling.

    Has it helped me?

    Yes. I would recommend it to every person leaving the dubs.

  • avishai

    I had several months of counseling after a nasty break up with the mother of my child. It helped immensely. I highly recommend it.

  • dobbie

    thanks Mickey Mouse, Shamus100 and Avishai, i was offered it about 16 months ago but thought i could do without as i have a great non jw family on my side who have been so supportive, plus of course this site has been great and CAIC site but i find i am going along just fine and something happens or someone says something and i turn into a snappy and emotional wreck and it brings things up again. This lady i will be seeing has not only helped hubby be calmer about things but has experience with other people from religions they've left too so she has some experience in this field. Hopefully i will learn finally to look at my glass as half full rather than half empty!It's good to know you have had positive experiences of it. x

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I have never had counseling, but I think it could be helpful. It is so expensive though! How do you afford it? My insurance only pays half and the other half can be $150.00 for a single session. It gets expensive pretty quickly.

  • daniel-p

    Yes it's hard at first, but you'll be suprised by how much you open up and start solving things.

  • dobbie

    Choosing Life - Well over here my dr refers me and i can have it on the NHS, 6 initial sessions but can have more if counsellor thinks its needed. Hubby had 9 now. So very luckily for me cos my drs surgery has its own counsellor i don't have to pay. Otherwise tbh i couldn't afford it either.

    Danielp - yes thats what hubby says that at first he didn't know what they could talk about but then he found he couldn't stop talking!

  • free2think

    Good for you Dobbie. I had counselling when i left and it really helped me to deal with a lot of the issues and anger i had.

    I hope it helps honey.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I don't consider it giving in as much as a step towards recovery

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