Any Thoughts On Eating Cloned Animals??

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  • drwtsn32

    TrekkerJW: I have heard exactly the same thing. In addition, GM crops can produce a LOT more grain (or whatever) compared to "natural" strains. This allows less farmland to be used while producing the same quantity.

    You might find this interesting...

  • MissingLink

    "Numerous people got the mad cow disease from eating the affected meat. "

    Irrelevant. Mad cow disease is not related to genetics (cloning). Numerous people get sick from eating bacteria contaminated foods as well. These facts have nothing to do with the subject.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Ahhh...Throw some ketchup on it, it'll taste fine.

  • independent_tre

    No. Just ain't natural....

    I'm amazed at how many are convinced it's okay because of the lack of evidence of harm, when in fact there has been no long term research studying the effects of consuming cloned or genetically altered meat. Funny, I'm taking a graduate level public health course right now and while we haven't touched on the subject of clones - historically, people always got sick and died from seemingly harmless things and activities. They were exposed to many harmful microbes and bacteria without their knowledge. It wasn't until later that scientific evidence showed just how harmful certain things in our enviroment can be.

    And while I'm at it, I don't trust the FDA either. That government agencies is in shambles and things deemed okay today are recalled tomorrow. Too little, too late in many cases.

    Plus it's just ICKY!!!

    just say no to dolly....

    ( and microwaves and splenda... but I'll save that conspiracy theory rant for another thread)

  • Cowboy

    Like I said earlier, BSE ("mad cow disease") and it's human form CJD, come from ingesting animal proteins already infected with BSE. It is not heritable or genetically transmitted. These specific proteins, called prions, are found only in the brain and upper regions of the spinal chord of affected animals, not in the muscle tissue that is normally consumed, nor even in the other organs sometime consumed (not that I'd advocate eating any part of an affected animal). Incidently, it's never been found in a bovine less than 30 months old.

    Alot of people still seem to have this sci fi image of cloning, where the mad scientist straps someone down on a table and points some mysterious ray at them and the other end of the machine spits out an army of clones of identical age, size, and appearance who act and think exactly like the original... It's actually a matter of isolating an individuals dna, placing it in an embryo that has been emptied of it's own dna, placing that embryo in a surrogate mother, and allowing it to proceed on it's own. The resulting animals will have the same dna (like identical twins), and will obviously be very similiar in appearance to the original and one another, but will likely vary somewhat in appearance due to differences in enviroment, nutrition, etc... It's science, not magic...

  • jaguarbass

    I'll bet Mcdonald's meats are cloned

    100% beef eye balls, lips, gristle, etc.

  • wobble

    Two thoughts on this Yum and Yum!



  • minimus

    I LOVE the Burger King King. He scares children.

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