IMO ~ The Great Tribulation and Armageddon

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  • Flash


    Occurs when Religion is attacked. It appears to be a destructive power apart from God but without His intervention 'no flesh would be saved' on earth (Matthew 24: 21 and 22).

    A close friend from many years ago once said when religion is attacked it will not go away quietly but be a very bloody, very violent event. I believe he is right.

    As we know, the zealots of religion are capable of anything since they believe they have God's favor. If they have Biological Weapons they will use them, if they get Nukes...they will use them. Add to that the power of Satan and his demonic army warring against ALL humanity in an attempt to thwart God's will for His faithful followers and His earth.

    In recent years we have seen new diseases popping up around the globe, many potentialy VERY DEADLY. Violent weather around the world is something common now that wasn't in the not-to-distant past.

    I do believe the present Ruler of this world, Satan is preparing for God's War in a way that will prove most harmful to humanity. I also am not convinced that everyone who dies during the GT will not be resurrected, but everyone who dies 'during Armageddon' definately will not.



    Is what Jehovah uses to end the Great Tribulation. I suspect Armageddon will be a prolonged event like the flood of Noah's day which took 40 days and nights to complete.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Flash your a psychotic nut case, a few things you can do to help with your intellect and mental health. Stop reading the bible , stop reading any kind of religious material including anything from the Watchtower Society, stop taking any mind altering drugs unless your under a doctors care .......good luck

  • mustang

    UN with the wound healed? League of Nations dead to UN resurrected?

    Well, the UN is still hurting; if it survived the wound that is because lobotomies can be survived.

    The top 5 in the UN will veto anything they don't like. Any more expansion of that veto power and you can really count the UN out.

    Bush Jr. said once that the UN was 'just a debating society'; that's about right. The only effective thing the UN has ever done is bully the smaller countries by using the dole of the IMF; but the smaller countries are getting more affluent and smarter.

    If the UN wound is healed, it is still on life support.


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Speculation on eschatology is a waste of time and effort. There is no value in it.

    If someone is interested in spiritual matters, they should discover the meaning of the Gospel.


  • sir82

    Good Lord, where to begin?

    Oh here's a good place:

    Violent weather around the world is something common now that wasn't in the not-to-distant past.

    Care to back up that little gem with empirical evidence? Oh heck, any evidence?

    How many hurricanes struck the Florida coast in the year 1254 AD? or 1754 AD? Or [pick any year prior to 1800 or so]?

  • Pahpa

    I tend to agree with Doug. There has been much speculation about Christ's return since the early church. Each generation of Christians hope that event will occur within their time. And a number of them thought they found the key to the understanding of prophecies. They even identified current events and organizations that seemed to fit the descriptions. But all were disappointed. Christ gave the best advice. Christians should keep their "lamps" lit and prepared for it....but be patient because we do not know when it will happen. He said it would come suddenly and without warning.

  • NewYork44M

    The whole concept of attacking religion never made sense to me. What does that mean? When BTG is destroyed, what does that mean?

    I never got a straight answer. May be you know.

  • maximumtool

    This post is laughably absurd and just more alarmist religious propoganda designed to scare you into believing...

    New diseases do continue to emerge and will continue to emerge as populations intermingle and the world gets smaller, and I dont mean smaller in the literal sense. It has happened for millions of years and will continue to do so. The fact that it seems as if this occurs more frequently these days is simply due to the fact that we now have the ability to track outbreaks like we never have had in the past, and the world is as small as it has ever been. As the world gets smaller, again not literally, we will see these outbreaks occur more frequently. It seems like a big negative to us, but it is perfectly natural and we would be ignorant to expect otherwise.

    With regards to violent weather events, you have no impirical data to back your statements up and observation proves everything you said to be incorrect.

    Oh, and the flood of Noahs day, as it is taught by the WTBS, didnt happen.

  • Honesty

    Stay on the medication, Flash.


    cut the dose you take with some spring water.

  • LisaAnn
    Oh, and the flood of Noahs day, as it is taught by the WTBS, didnt happen.


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