How Were "Sisters" Treated In Your Hall?

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  • WTWizard

    Most of them were treated like crap behind the scenes. You would never know it at the Kingdumb Hell, but most of the husbands were like tyrants.

    I remember in particular the humanoid that dragged me into the cancer. He already lost one wife because she got tired of his tyranny, and he wondered why she was not totally submissive (as if the wife couldn't think). He did that with a second wife while I was in, and that one also ended after about 4 years (more backtalk about her not being submissive). Insisting that she is going to regular pioneer if it kills her is typical.

    The ones that were not like that were branded as wimps that could not effectively take the lead.

  • maximumtool

    I actually was born into a KH that was a really great group of people...

    The sisters were treated with incredible respect. The guidelines the society laid out were always strictly followed, but there never was anything condescending about it. When it came to responsibilities, it was pretty much brothers who did everything. But, it was always just the way it was done. Their attitude about it was collectively, "well this is how Jehovah wants it done, so this is how we are going to do it."

    Looking back, I dont agree with the position and think the idea of brothers doing everything is stupid, but the brothers in my hall were never condescending to the sisters or attempted to put them in "their place". And the sisters, who seemed to appreciate the brothers, never took it any way but as positive.

    They actually were a really great congregation, and they always said that no matter what they were told to do, as long as they were serving Jehovah through Christ Jesus then they would do anything. I remember hearing one elder say that if Jehovah directed the FDS to reverse the roles tomorrow and it was women who now took the lead he would love to sit back and just enjoy the meeting...

    So I am glad I grew up in an environment were women were treated with respect...

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