Are these things true?

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    This is one powerful letter that sums up what many of us feel. Sadly, the Watchtower doesn't seem to be aware that it has lost some of its "brightest and best." But the Watchtower organization was based on error from the very beginning. So, we should not be surprised that it continues in this course.

    I believe the greatest error it has made is the substitution of itself in place of Christ as so well expressed in this letter. And I'm convinced that some day the leaders of this sect will have to answer to God for their audacity.

  • Number1Anarchist

    It's true what he says about the Watchtower not even taking care of there own people. This organization is only concerned about expanding it's membership and nothing more. Keep your mouth shut and follow the rules . What a sick place! But i'm so happy i'm still young and found out the real truth! Thank You

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    Ya and you can't where tight jeans to the bethell cafeteria

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