WT is trying to scare off memorial partakers

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  • TheListener
    If they are able to discourage enough partakers and the number drops it will probably only be a temporary drop. It seems newer ones are having a harder time not participating in the emblems. At least that is what I have heard from the few friends I still have contact with. Maybe they are not studying with new ones enough or aren't being blunt enough when they study.
  • smiddy


    I could not have said it better .So true.


  • berrygerry

    I'm not kidding, we should attend and leave the plates and wine glasses empty for the rest of the audience to pass along.

    I've suggested that if a dozen or more strategically "attended" a target KH, and strategically seated themselves, they could consume a fair bit of wine being passed.

  • FayeDunaway

    Hypocrites, They not only block themselves from the kingdom of heaven but block off others too.

    Whats so silly is that 1. They took the 144,000 number literally in the first place. It was probably a hatred of Christendom that made them think that only a few would make it (themselves, of course). And 2., that once their numbers were growing and they were reaching 100,000, they thought, whoops! Let's invent another class of people here who aren't going to heaven. Let's hype up the paradise so some will find it appealing before making the announcement.

    Pretty similar to what they've done with the interpretation of 'generation' in the last few decades. Conveniently receiving 'new light' just before things get too far along. Seriously, what a joke of a religion.

  • rmt1
    Someone should incorporate marijuana into the unleavened cakes, which is exactly what Jesus said to do in remembrance of him.
  • sir82

    They are embarrassed / scandalized by the ever-increasing number of Memorial partakers.

    14,000+ in 2014, according to the 2015 Yearbook. Highest number in 60+ years.

    In other words, according to their own statistics, nearly 10% of the 144,000 "anointed" ones are live right now. 2000 years of God "anointing" people, and 10% of them are alive in 2015.

    Some "remnant".

    The count of partakers grew by about 7%, 2014 over 2013. At that rate, the count will double about every 10 years. I.e., if the growth of partakers continues at that rate, there will be 28,000+ in 2024, 56,000+ in 2034, and 112,000+ in 2044.

    So you can see why they devote fully half of a WT study article to a hysterical screed scolding JWs that they are not worthy to partake, and deserve to be executed by God if they do partake.

  • user100

    there are some over zealous new ones that think they are going to sit in heaven with Jehovah and Jesus! fkn nut jobs.

    I heard there was a 14 yr old girl in India that ate and drank the "emblems". I want to go and meet her one of these days.

    our watchtower conductor and head elder went into some BS about how the NWT says this "means" my body while other translations say this "is" my body. I didnt get his point.. is he trying to say that JWs changed the bible's intended meaning?

  • M*A*S*H
    I think if I were on the GB I would have an official anointed registration scheme, probably with a cost attached... those swanky retirement homes don't build themselves you know.
  • hoser
    At some point in time all of the governing body members were partaking for the first time and may have received criticism.
  • Caedes

    I think it's amusing when one group of people with an imaginary friend don't like what another group are doing because of the same (alleged) imaginary friend. It's almost as if the imaginary friend was entirely in each person's head.

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