Looking for examples of Witnesses physically harmed during field service

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  • prologos
    A gilead graduate was raped in the "ministry" in india. I once gave a 5 scripture "sermon" with a german shepherd having locked jaws on my wrist that held the Bible, have been cornered by dogs, chased by Crowbar wielding workers, confronted by naked lady house holders, arrested by police, but never personally injured. life has it's hilarious moments.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Blondie, "the man came out and said that's a new dog".

    Form the movie Pink Panther..Inspector Clouseau approach a man on the street standing next to a dog. He ask the guy do your dog bite? The guy said no my dog don't bite.

    Clouseau reach down to pet the dog and the dog snapped at him.

    He turn to the guy and said, I thought your dog didn't bite.

    The guy said, he doesn't bite this is not my dog...

  • sparrowdown

    I had a scary experience when a male householder followed me from house to house around the territory all the way back to car.

    And yep, I encountered the occasional naked guy at the door.

  • Crazyguy
    I was bitten by a dog, threaten to be shot with a shot gun and also threaten to be attacked by householders dogs. All this while I was just a child or teenager, great way to bring up a child. Good times.
  • zeb
    But then Rutherford never did f/s..
  • blondie

    James Mixon, I know that movie but this was real life or bite. I had a homeowner once invite her dog into the living room, all 140 pounds of female pit bull climbed up in my lap, friendly.

    I had a little poodle gnaw on my leather boots.

    Or the collie that peed on the book study servant's leg at the door

    Or the dog that came out from behind a tract at a not-at-home farm; those big leather book bags turned out to have a good purpose as the dog chewed the bottom corner of giving us time to get in the car.

    Or the man who was shocked to see us at the door, looked out at the collie by the mailbox. "That dog is trained to attack anyone on my property." Of course, now we wondered how we would go back. We excused ourselves and the dog licked our hands and invited us to pet her. I don't know if that man was trying to scare us but that was the friendliest dog.

    BTW, if anyone has every been cornered by a flock of geese, that know how hard they peck and why they make better guards than dogs.

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  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    A sister had an RV that she didn't feel comfortable about, so she gave it to myself (I was an MS at the time), and one of the elders.

    We went to the house and this guy wouldn't come out because he said that he had asked HER to return and not us. He was talking to us through his front window, but he refused to come out. He was yapping about what the usual born again and again and again rants and raves about.

    So the guys not going to come out and he just keeps repeating the same thing so we turn around and as we get to the side walk he says he should come out and kick our asses.

    So the elder starts laughing and says something like 'we're right here if you want to come out'. So the guy starts cussing us out, but won't come out, and we leave laughing.

    The thing is, the elder I was with had been a boxing coach in the military, and I had taken martial arts from the brother of a well known martial artist.

    Good thing he stayed inside.


  • smiddy

    Lot was plied with alcohol and raped by his own two daughters , does that count ? Gen.19:30-36 .

    Oh , you wanted field service examples,sorry

    .In Melbourne 1963 "International Assembly" a serious car accident was photographed in the Herald newspaper with the bumper sticker advertising the convention I think a witness died but can`t be sure now.Also last year a bus going to a Convention in L.A. crashed into an overpass killing a witness , the J.W. driver was trying to go under an overpass that did not have height clearance .


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    The problem you are going to have is that Bethel or the powers to be do not want you to go to the police.

    I have had guns pointed at me, one time this guy shot the gun over our heads and told us the next time he would put it in us. I begged to put him down as a do not call but was told by the others in the car group that we never know who else might be interested that lived in his home so he was never put down as a do not call.

    I have been bitten 7 times by dogs, chased to the car by German Shepherds, had pit bulls sicked on me. When I was first married one of the MS's in the hall went mental and threatened to kill all of his co-workers he was fired from his job over this matter so he then decided to threaten my husband who happened to be the only elder in the hall at the time. I wanted to go to the police but my husband insisted that we call Bethel first. They told us that no matter what we did DO NOT GO TO THE POLICE as they did not want Jehovah's name brought into the matter.

    We were robbed at gun point when we were at Bethel while out in service, no one told us that the part of NY we were in was not safe for us as we had been assigned to work that part of the territory but Bethel told us it was our fault. When we asked if we could move to a different hall we were told NO! There was a shooting right out front the KH's door about a month after we were robbed but we still had to stay in that hall.

    When I was in my late teens and early 20's I was repeatedly assigned to work with another young sister in gang infested parts of town I lived in alone. One time when I was in my early 20's I was working with an older sister who was in her late 70's and we called on this creepy house with about 3 men in their mid 20's. They invited us in and the older sister jumped at the chance. I was scared out of my mind. One of the guys blocked the door so we could not leave but this older sister did not get it and kept talking and talking and talking, I thought for sure we were dead. We were there for about an hour and finally someone for our car group figured out what house we were in and came and knocked on the door, As soon as the door opened I moved toward it and the guys looked upset but we got out. They were totally not interested in the least and the only one who did any talking was the older sister but she never got the fact that they were not interested and gushed over how wonderful the call was.

    I was bitten by a Chihuahua once and the stupid bite bleed and bleed the guy had been rude to us told us to leave his fenced yard the dog slipped out as he was shutting the door and bite me the man came running out afraid we would sue him and turned really nice so my husband talked to him for over an hour about the "Truth" while I sat there bleeding and then my husband told me he felt that Jehovah had allowed me to get bit so that the guy would listen. In all fairness it was a small bit but still I thought my husband's reasoning was crazy.

    I heard of a sister in her early 20's who would have been a little bit older than I was at the time and who lived in the middle of the state I live in. I heard she was murdered because she went to this call that she had had for awhile on her way to meet for service at the KH. The householder raped and than killed her but I was told it was her fault because she went alone when I tried to press for more details I as shut down and I and could never verify it.

    When I first moved out of my abusive parents home I was just 18 years old there was an older sister who lived across the street from me. I did't have a car so I used to ride to meetings with her. At the time in the city I lived in there was a rapist running loose who was praying on young girls my age. This older sister got mad at me one night because I did not give her money for gas. So I walked the five miles one way to the meeting at night while she drove alone in her empty car to the hall. As soon as I could I saved up enough money to buy a beater car. It just really hurt my feelings and still does to this day that she did that and all the elders knew,none of the elders one offered me any help.

    But like I said non of this is verifiable because the GB and their attorney's do not want anything to be public. Even calling an ambulance tot he KH is frowned upon. Like when my husband had his heart attack at the KH I was allowed to drive him alone to the hospital.

    It is just a crazy sick religion or I should say cult.


  • talesin

    hoser xx

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