Brother so and so doesn't accept counsel

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  • hoser

    I am not sure if anyone else here heard this phrase. I did from a circuit overseer when I was a servant many moons ago.

    With my newly enlightened mind I finally understand what this means.

    Brother so and so refuses to be belittled, bullied or micromanaged

  • OneEyedJoe

    I've heard it used by elders all the time.

    My translation: brother so-and-so has a valid point that we refuse to acknowledge.

  • NVR2L8
    Brother so and so is running ahead of the organisation...he needs to learn humility. It can only be a great idea when we are told so from the slave. In the meantime let's bring him in the back room and crush his spirit with judicious counsel from "mother".
  • Oubliette

    Brother so and so won't do what I/we tell him to do!

  • Magnum

    I've heard that line used even in situations when the counsel is unwarranted. It was said that JWs should accept counsel if even if they're innocent of that for which they're being counseled.

    "Now, brother, you need to realize that life is sacred and doing things that might indicate that you view life lightly could jeopardize your position in the congregation. It's been said that you're speeding out on the interstate." I guess one, even if he does not speed, is supposed to reply "Oh, my dear brother, thank you so much for that loving counsel. I will try to implement it immediately. Thank you again."

    He should be able to reply: "Who said I'm speeding? I'd like to face the person that said that."

  • ToesUp

    What they really mean to say..."is Brother or sister so and so won't allow me to bully, control or abuse them." Boo hoo

  • millie210
    Ironic, that term "wont accept counsel", is really just more counsel.
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    Brother T is very obstinate, was said about me by one particular elder a few times while an MS. Guess I didnt like opinionated assholes telling me what to do.
  • Finkelstein

    Its quite a common phrase in JW land , its done with condescension to the other party, as I have greater spiritual power and position within the organization so I should be obeyed accordingly.

    In spite of the fact that elders are reading and getting their so called spiritual direction from how the 2000 year old ancient Hebrews conducted their social moral standards.

    This is where the social idiocy can be revealed.


    Brother so and so doesn't accept counsel

    From this Obviously Important and Well Educated JW Elder..


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