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  • Vidiot

    Data-Dog - "I just noticed a really F***ed up sentence in one of the first sections. It's about how Jeehoobie loves us so much, but we don't deserve it."

    I never actually read that book, but I definitely remember when I finally realized the full implications off that concept...

    ...that, by that logic, my own kids are only conditionally deserving of my love...

    ...which is, of course, complete and utter horseshit - of course they deserve my love, they're my kids.


    Sometimes it takes parenthood to properly clue in to some of the more flawed aspects of WT ideology.

  • millie210

    Millie....EVERYTHING in the org is just for show isn't it. Nothing besides show really matters.

    But as shows go, it sure is a boring one!

    Sad but true.

    This has become a fear based religion. Fear of not looking like they have "the only truth".

    Fear of losing too many elders to sustain the infrastructure. Fear of not having complete control over members.

    Fear of their image as you mentioned Faye.

    Fear, fear, fear.

  • hoser
    I read the elders book. I may need to know how to play the game some day.
  • sir82

    I may need to know how to play the game some day.

    It's really extraordinarily simple.

    If facing a judicial committee, and you don't want to be DF'ed, just wail and blubber about your "damaged relationship with Jehovah". A LOT.

    Like, seriously, A LOT. You should mention your "damaged relationship with Jehovah" (or some variation of it - don't keep using the exact same words, would appear a little contrived) no less than every 5 minutes. Go on and on and ON about it.

    Crying wouldn't hurt either.

    Elders will lap it up like a starving kitten presented with a bowl of heavy cream. Unless you murdered someone, or engaged in homosexual orgies for the past decade, you'll walk out with "private reproof".

  • MisterP
    Vidiot, I totally agree with you, I have been DF'd for over 20years now, and once I got over the years of brainwashing and guilt, I finally was at peace with myself, but my father who is a genuinely lovely bloke, has remained in the religion, and although he never disowned me or turned his back on me, I always new that he would only visit me in secret and would never be seen out in public with me. And I've been fine with that for all these years, it really didn't bother me, until I became a dad for the first time 3 years ago. Now I understand how strong the love is between a parent and child, and I could not imagine anyone or anything that could come between me and my daughter. And it has really upset me and makes me very angry that this [email protected]@@ing so called christian organization comes between my father's and my relationship as well as him and his granddaughters relationship , as he hardly ever comes round to see her. So any advice from anyone here would be most appreciated. Thanks for all the comments
  • Splash

    Elders often deny that this book even exists.

    Since the Conti case and all the subsequent WT statements, we can now point to a public statement by the WT where they even go so far as to openly quote from it:


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