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  • MisterP

    I just found a copy of the elders handbook on another site, and before I go gun-ho with it at some members of my family, I would like to know whether anyone here can corroborate its authenticity. I've posted a link to it here. Thanks

    Elders Handbook

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  • MisterP
    Thanks M.A.D, I'll give that a good look

    Yep, that's it. I just noticed a really F***ed up sentence in one of the first sections. It's about how Jeehoobie loves us so much, but we don't deserve it. WOW......

    Thats sounds like a loving father, does it not? That silly evil slave is at it again, beating the other servants...


  • joe134cd
    Be careful how you approach this subject because the minute your family see a copy of the book the next question they will ask is how did you get it. "Oh I got it off an apostate Web sight on the intetnet" the defences will go up the mind will shut down, and you're lost before you even begun. Even if the book is authentic or not.
  • millie210

    Just to add to Joe134's note of caution...they are/might say that you are being very disresptful of theocratic order since NO ONE is supposed to look at that book unless they are an elder.

    They might use that to negate your thoughts on anything contained within.

    If you still go ahead, here are two things in there that might shock you that most pubs dont ever get told.

    1) If an elders "sins" (adultery lets say) and its been MORE THAN 3 YEARS AND the congo still views him with respect then there is no need to remove him as elder MUCH LESS reprove or DF - which would automatically remove him.

    Think about that! a pub gets whatever they get no matter how many years its been and it may even go harder for them for "hiding it and covering over"

    2) Pay special attention to the section on blood. If a pub takes blood and is "sorry" there may be no need to take action as long as it isnt "known".

    If you look at older manuals you get the feeling that blood is moving to be more and more a conscience matter.

    Those both bother me but especially the first one. So much for elders receiving double judgement.


    Yeah, you don't "qualify" to read it, even though it's not secret and based on the bible.

    Just say an Elder told me that the book says, " A child molester can be re-appointed if the BOE believes he is repentant and the CO agrees, and the Branch ( WTBTS LAWYERS) say he isn't a predator.


  • stillin

    Another thing to remember is that when the CO comes around, there are directives that he dictates to the BOE. They, in turn, handwrite these notes into the margins of their personal copy of the "Shepherd" book. These notes are adhered to as though Moses had just come down off Mount Sinai but since they are only hand-written, the WTS will not be held accountable for any actions that your local BOE may do in accordance with them, if there was ever a legal action.

    otherwise, this book makes some interesting reading

  • FayeDunaway

    Millie....EVERYTHING in the org is just for show isn't it. Nothing besides show really matters.

    But as shows go, it sure is a boring one!

  • Mandrake

    Thank you SO MUCH :)

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