Reasons for Leaving

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  • maksutov
    I finally got my book finished. It is available as a free eBook here:

    I'm sure the contents are familiar territory to most people here, but hopefully it will be of some use to those who are either thinking about joining or thinking about leaving.
  • SAHS

    I was just thinking – anytime you happen to run into any JWS in the future, either at your door or in transit, whether they know you or not, you should ask for their email address. Get as many email addresses of JWs as you can and compile them into a little database. Then, email the complete contents of your free book to all of them at once. Who knows – you might end up doing a handful of them a real favor by causing them to take a good, hard, objective look at the Watchtower organization, and maybe even wake up and get out of it. That would be sweet, for sure! And certainly don’t forget to include anybody who you know has recently been called on by the JWs and whom you suspect might be thinking of checking them out. You could be saving them from wasting their life and maybe even from actual death from the blood transfusion policy, either themselves or someone in their family.

    The JWs are always “warning” people about “Armageddon,” or at least so they think – but someone’s gotta warn unsuspecting people about the JWs!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I will take a look at your book, although I am no longer thinking about leaving.

  • maksutov

    SAHS: email the complete contents of your free book to all of them at once

    I kind of like the concept, although I'm not sure about provoking people who are happy in their delusional world - in many cases I think sending them this book will just upset them, make them afraid of me, and cause them to cling even tighter to the religion. Also, I am not (yet) disfellowshipped, and although I can live with being shunned by the dubs if necessary I would rather avoid it. Still, the book is published under a creative commons license - anyone is free to copy, print, and redistribute it as they see fit - so if you want to send it to anyone, feel free.

    OnTheWayOut: I will take a look at your book, although I am no longer thinking about leaving.

    You must have great mental strength to stay in knowing it's not true! When I first admitted to myself that I no longer believed, I thought I would keep going to meetings just until my grandmother died, as I knew it would be hard on her. I only lasted one meeting, lol - just couldn't stand it. Grandma lived another two years, and although she shed a tear, she soon got used to the idea, and we remained close.

  • fastJehu

    @ maksutov

    On page 13 you wrote: ... they would be DF if it became known to the elders that they had attended another church, or celebrated a birthday...

    For celebrating birthday you will not DF (elders book).

  • maksutov

    fastJehu: For celebrating birthday you will not DF (elders book).

    Really?! If so, I can change it to celebrating Christmas (that's what they tried to get me on), but I really thought Christmas and birthdays were both viewed equally as pagan and therefore apostasy. Do you know what page number that appears on in the elder's book?

  • maksutov
    I did a bit more research and it seems you are right - birthday celebrations are not explicitly listed as grounds for disfellowshipping. There is anecdotal evidence that some have been disfellowshipped for it though, and the elder's book could be read both ways. I will remove references to it being a disfellowshipping offense from my book, just to be on the safe side. Thanks fastJehu for raising that.
  • quest81
    Started reading your book a few days ago. Thanks for making it available.
  • Hairtrigger
    Just began reading your book today. Thanks for being proactive. Hope it goes a long way in serving the purpose it was written for. Thanks again.
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Looking forward to reading this, thank you!

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