Apostate Talk

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I do have somewhat of a theory - only tested a few times tho.

    When I talk to a JW and ask or comment on a "touchy" subject, it SEEMS to me: if they have no doubts or (reservations) or lack of confidence in their "org/god", they will engage in conversation. If they themselves are dealing with doubt, maybe this subject had been brought up previously at another place & time and its been weighing on their mind who knows but they sure hi-tail it out of there.

    I tend to agree. The cognitive dissonance probably makes the conversation too uncomfortable.

  • megs

    OH YES!!! My friend (former) is in IT, which is such a freakin' logical line of work, yet he's a staunch JW... So he turns his brain on when he gets to work, then turns it off again when he gets home... Cognitive Dissidence to the max. I tried to be logical about the WT and the whole NGO/UN thing and he went into shutdown mode and restarted his brain at an earlier point in time...

  • SacrificialLoon

    I remember once going out "in service" as a young teen and someone gave us material critical of the WBTS. I was with an older gentleman, and thought I can't wait to see this horrible material proved wrong. Instead, the conversation was ended and the "apostate material" was disposed of once we got back to the car. I asked something to the effect of why didn't we just prove them wrong? After all if we have the truth then we should be able to show them where it's all wrong, right? My questions were blown off, and that never sat well with me.

    So apostate talk can work sometimes. That probably raised the first doubts I had, but I didn't fade for years afterwards, and ended up getting baptized anyway. So, maybe it just took a few years for it to work... or something.

  • iceguy

    When the "brother" defends the WTS he feels Jehovah will forgive him for the drinking and strip clubs.

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