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  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Why is it that JW's are so afraid to talk to anyone who questions the beliefs, or in general says anything bad about the ORG. Case in point here I have a friend his family are all JW's not the best of the crowd but they are trying, anyway his brother and I were talking and I was telling him about how some of my cousins have left the Org, and even showed him a funny picture of all of us wearing Jehovah's Witness Protection Program t-shirts there were about 7 of us in the photo. He ended the converstation very rapidly and left.

    I was not really telling him anything that bad, and I was just mostly joking with him, honestly I didn't think he was all that much of a JW, before he got married he lived with his GF, I have heard he likes to party, and for the most part you'd swear he wasn't a JW, not even baptized. Not trying to say he is all bad but just about as worldly as any worldly person.

    I heard from my friend that his brother was totally offended by me, and asked if I was in some kind of cult, and what was I "in to" and he was shocked that I attacked him on the JW stuff. I was like what the fuck!! First of all I was only showing him the picture because I was telling him how my cousins and I are blacklisted in the family, I was telling him our story, but in a very funny way in no way directly "attacking" him. I just saw him today and he avoided me like if I was not even in the same room, this coming from the same guy who has some very interesting stories about trips to strip clubs and TJ.

    Anyway my question is this, Why do JW's get so offended at even the slightest mention of anything Anti-JW? As many of you know I am a Catholic now, I never get pissed off when people joke about catholics, or anything in fact one of my friends who is a Mormon we often make fun of each other.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    double post

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    I've often wonder that myself.
    I do have somewhat of a theory - only tested a few times tho.

    When I talk to a JW and ask or comment on a "touchy" subject, it SEEMS to me: if they have no doubts or (reservations) or lack of confidence in their "org/god", they will engage in conversation. If they themselves are dealing with doubt, maybe this subject had been brought up previously at another place & time and its been weighing on their mind who knows but they sure hi-tail it out of there.

    When I mention something to an active JW who knows my stand on the borg, well first of all they stay away so I never get a chance, but in the beginning (before I got a reputation LOL)
    the conversation would go so far - and the point of breakdown seemed to be when I started to make sense or when logically it seemed the borg was not. Step 3 would then kick in and they'd resort to name calling, personal attacks and out-right bad behaviour.

    does this sound familiar to anyone else?


  • thepackage

    What's going on Andre?! I work with a couple of Dub's (i hired them a while back not caus ethey wherer Dub's but good workers) anyways, these guys love to party and go to strip clubs but if i make a simple joke about the WTS they get all wierd on me. Just the other day one of them asked me if i was going to vote in Novemeber. Once i told him i was, he freak out!!!!!!!! He avoided me for a few days until we went out to drink after work. He started to preach to me about going back to meeting and how voting was wrong, any ways after a few hours i had to call his wife to pick him u casue he was hammered! This is the best part, as he stumbled out the door he invited to go to see/hear him give a talk the next day!!!!

  • jamiebowers

    I think the actions described above are due to mind control. JWs are so brainwashed that even a mention of something that they construe as against the society, they panic. Although they have no better way of life than anyone else, they are browbeaten to the point where they think they do.

  • carla

    I think that many (if not the majority) equate the org & its leaders with God Himself, so if you make light of the borg you are guilty of blasphemy.

  • WTWizard

    And notably, their field of discussion is limited strictly to the Washtowel. What a wonderful meeting, assembly, or part on the sessions. That was a good call. Bashing worldly events. Hounding people to go to all the boasting sessions. It is a joy to pioneer (that is, to waste all your time in field circus). I don't see how any thinking person can not see that this is the truth.

    All of which are lies. They continually discuss the lies from the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger. If the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger doesn't say it, it is not worth their time. If they did put it out, it is all-important. And when the topic does turn to regular things, it is always in context with doing more for the Washtowel Slaveholdery or in that the world is so horrible.

    I would rather stick with the exposing of the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger as a scam, along with its Washtowel Slaveholdery; and viewing the world in a more balanced way. That way, at least I will be more truthful and less a slave to the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger.

  • StAnn

    Strip clubs, getting drunk, and then giving a talk the next day? Don't these wonderful "brothers" care at all about their hypocrisy? Isn't their conduct more offensive, since they call themselves christians, than an anti-JW T-shirt? Man, talk about having the "rafter" in your own eye. I hope you guys point out to these guys what disgraceful examples of JWs they are.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Haven't you read a Mag lately? Paranoia is their top subject.


  • CoonDawg

    Don't you know? It's always okay to dis someone else's beliefs and laugh about them...until they are yours. Case in point is a non-JW example. Isaac Hayes was the voice of Chef on Southpark for a long time. He was fine being a part of a show that made fun of anything and everything including many different religions...yet when Matt and Trey wanted to have an episode poking fun at Scientology...he got all pissed and quit the show, thus making the opportunity for Chef dying in a particularly grusome fashion and teaching the boys another valuable life lesson. JW's are the same way. It's all about being right and everyone else being wrong.

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