Watchtower= Poor kid donates his only pig to Society what about you? W.T.F!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Watchtower Nov 1 2007 p.17 {1889} "Zions Watchtower has Jehovah for it's backer and while this is the case it will never beg nor Petition men for support."

    "Mexico... Manuel says, My Grandmother gave me a mother pig.....Iam sending as a donation what I recieved from selling the pig.....$110 dollars..." {Now I ask you couldn't Manuel have used that $110 bucks for himself?}

    "14 year old girl from Cameroon {another poor country where people can't afford food} supplies, I sold two of last years text books $5 dollars I am contributing this plus an aditional $1.82 from my savings...." {This is very sub-liminal, poor kids are donating so how much will you rich folks give?}

    Also the article suggests leave your "Will" or "Life Insurance" to the Society. Or give them YOUR house in Trust and they will let you live in it till you die. What about "Stocks and Bonds"?? So much for not "Begging." Sick!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    But -- I don't have a pig!

  • Quirky1

    I wondered where in the h#ll my pig went!

  • Lady Zombie
    Lady Zombie

    Oh shit! I remember that article from not too long ago.

    I think it very immoral that the WTBTS writes articles like that, i.e. impoverished people from impoverished countries donating money to the WTBTS. With that money they could buy food and other neccessities of life. But no, the WTBTS praises them for remaining in poverty in order to send a hundred or so dollars to an already obscenly rich, morally bankrupt corporation!

    The bOrg likes to slam the Catholic church for doing the same exact thing. "Oh those poor poor people! Giving their precious few dollars to Babylon! How immoral!!!!!"


  • Poztate

    I remember one like that in an Awake ragazine once. That time it was about chickens and how a poor boy raised them for sale and then donated the money to the WT

    What a great idea...except I would buy a nice farm chicken,cut off it's head to make sure it was bled properly and then send it directly to Brooklyn.(parcel post slow summertime)

    I am sure they could raise much more money from the sale than if I just donated directly...

  • greenhornet

    I remember when I was young, They were saying things like look at the church and all there gold and wealth. While the common people in the shadows of the great church lived in poverty. Yet these people gave to the church!!

  • ninja

    I am going to donate some baby chickens to the local kingdom hall......translation....(I am going to throw some eggs at the KH windows)...chirpy chirpy cheep cheep....farmer ninja

  • Quirky1

    Glad yer back ninja. I've missed your crazy humor.

  • ninja

    sniff...quirko.....thanks mate....between watching big brother (sad I know) ..and fishing.....I have found a life(of sorts) to full speed in a few weeks.....woo hoo.....luv ya quirkmeister....da ninja

  • Solace1998

    So i guess it was wrong for jesus to bring up the old woman who gave her entire income to the temple...

    tiskkkk tisskkk

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