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  • beksbks

    So I am planning a trip for next year. I have wanted to visit England for as long as I can remember. We will only have about two weeks. So my questions for those in the know are

    What is the best time of year and why?

    What places should not be missed and why?

    Keeping in mind that we only have two weeks, how much area should we try to cover?

    Any food/restaurant recommendations would be much appreciated.

    I would love to include Ireland Scotland and Wales, but don't want to pack in too much and end up actually missing more.

  • Robdar
    Now kids, I was actually hoping to hear from some of our English posters
  • Robdar

    Now kids, I was actually hoping to hear from some of our English posters

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Food recommendations in England???? It's horrible. Eat Indian food. They have plenty

  • beksbks

    Now kids, I was actually hoping to hear from some of our English posters

    Anyone know how to get tickets to The Grahm Norton Show ?

  • fokyc

    Come on now! UK time NOW is just 10 minutes before 06:00 on SUNDAY morning,

    Nothing moves here until another 2 hours at least

    Re: Graham Norton Show:


    The series is now over, but will be back in September.

    Make application for tickets here: http://www.sroaudiences.com/ NOW if you intend coming September onwards.

    Food is just as good as USA, if you look around for good eating places.

    Have a good visit.


    PS I am only up as the power has just returned after an outage.

  • beksbks

    Well you see, I had to post now, as I will be going to bed soon!

    Foodwise, I was thinking more along the lines of "you must see Cornwall, and while you're there eat at the Upper Cornwall Chip Shop" or sum such thing.

  • fokyc

    OK So Cornwall is very nice, Cornish Pasties are a meal in themselves, but look for Fish restaurants in Cornwall.

    Then there is Devonshire 'clotted cream', nice teas with scones, strawberry jam and a large helping of cream on top.

    You need to prepare your itinery in detail, but we cannot guarantee the weather.

    A large number of traditional British eateries have been taken over by Indians/Pakistanis/Chinese etc. just same as USA

    Any questions please PM me, only too pleased to help.

    Come to 'The Cotswolds' for real English countryside.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Hi fellow Californian...

    I visited the U.K. several years ago and really enjoyed the trip. Flew into London. Stayed there for four days. Took a train up to Edinburough (spelling) Scotland. Stayed there for three days. Took the train down to Liverpool - stayed for a day and a half. Flew a half hour over to Dublin and was there for three days. Then flew back to London for a couple of more days, then back to Los Angeles. My suggestion would be to get a rail pass before you leave (they're cheaper). I got a 4-day pass (it didn't matter what four days you used). On the trip from Scotland to Liverpool we upgraded to First Class (very reasonable). I think the rail pass is the way to go if you want to see a lot of the country. My only regret is not having enough time to see more ... would have like to have seen Wales. In fact, if I had a couple of more days I think there was a ferry that went from Dublin to Wales and then a train back to London.

    Next time I'm either going to spend more time, or just visit a couple of places at a time....there's a lot to see.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Up until March of this year I was a born and bred Londoner.

    Go in the summer or the autumn as you have the best chance of good weather,although May can be amazing with the Spring flowers and sometimes a heat wave.

    You must see London - I'd recommend a river cruise up the Thames, Tower Bridge is a must. London Walks arrange 2 hour tours which are incredibly informative and enjoyable and cost about $10 pp.

    Richmond is my favourite place near London - Richmond Park (especially the Isabella Plantation) is a must (especially in May when the Azaleas and Rhododendrons are out). If you like Tennis, go in June and queue to get tickets to Wimbledon (also near Richmond).

    Food is great in the UK (much better than the US, if you know where to go). Once you decide where you might be going, pm me and I'll hopefully point you in the right direction - I LOVE FOOD and GOOD restaurants!

    The Cotswolds are picture postcard and well worth a visit, Scotland is an awesome place, especially places like Stirling, Isle of Skye - you won't be disappointed, although be careful of the midges in June around the Lochs (on a par with Yosemite).

    Cornwall is stunning, very rugged and laid back - great restaurants and walks along the beach ( my favourite time there is Summer or Winter, Winter has the edge with the crashing waves around the rocky coast, mulled wine and roaring log fires in the local pubs, etc).

    Will be happy to give you any other help you need, just pm me.


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