You Don't Want to Tell People About Jehovah?

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  • cognac

    Told hubby that I won't go out in service because I believe that the preaching work was already done in the 1st century.

    He said "You don't want to tell people about Jehovah?"

    I said "No"

    He said "Ok"

    I mean, wasn't really sure what I should say?

    I also said that when we move I have no intentions of going back to the kh. He just said ok...

  • FreudianSlip

    Hopefully he remains so nonchalant.

  • New light for you
    New light for you

    Wow. Havn't heard about the hubby in a while... is he "coming around" a little? if he just said "fine" it sounds like you might have gotten to him a little?

  • cognac

    He better respect my feelings cause I'm not putting up with any bs. I'm done with this sh*t. And he knows I won't put up with it.

  • cognac
    is he "coming around" a little? if he just said "fine" it sounds like you might have gotten to him a little?

    Yeah, he's coming around. He sees the kh is very political. I didn't talk about it with him for a few months. Now, when things come up I just tell him my viewpoint. Usually that viewpoint is that I think its bs, lol. I respect his view, he respects mine. That's the deal. If he wants to remain a JW, I'm fine with that. But, that doesn't mean I can't voice my opinion and that doesn't mean that he can just stop listenning to me as long as I'm respectful.

    I'm not gonna live my life tippytoeing around him. If he can't live with that, then we aren't going to work and we both know it.

  • nomoreguilt

    Cognac......I LOVE your spunk gal, hang in there . That's what makes YOU....YOU...!! I'm sure that there must be something about you that makes your husband hang in in the relationship or is he afraid of losing you and therefore just lays back! Must be something you gots gal.

    Good job all in all.


  • cognac

    Thanks NMG.

    He's always loved the fiestyness in me, lol. Don't know why, just does.

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C
    He said "You don't want to tell people about Jehovah?"

    This is a very familiar guilt inducing cliché that has been used by the Watchtower with a sickening repetitiveness. The Watchtower is quite fond of resorting to ad hominem attacks on those who do not agree with the door-to-door concept which has become a tradition in their organization. They have done a very sorry job of defending their stance, and often do not even attempt to do, but instead choose to label those who do not agree with them.

    An entire multi-page thread could be devoted to deconstructing the Watchtower’s fallacious reasoning regarding their "preaching work". In the first century, the focus was on the name of Jesus, not Yahweh. Followers took on the name of Christians, and gathered "in his name", not Yahweh’s. The thrust of the preaching message in the first century was that of Christ’s saving power, not salvation through organizational membership. And, according to apostolic writings, Jesus had already been enthroned as King upon his assention to heaven. There was not any suggestion of a "second enthronement" nineteen hundred years later.

    Upon examining the book of Galatians, it is clear that they are "preaching a new gospel"; something that Paul warned about. To try to explain these things to a devoted Watchtower Witness is to try to nail jello to a tree. After a while, the futility of attempting to reason on such matters becomes obvious.

  • SuperApostateGirl

    Jehovah who? Rings a bell? hmm...nope.

  • BabaYaga

    Jeremy C., I LOVE your commentary.

    Cognac, hang in there. Sounds like all is going rather well.


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