Salvation by "works" comes from pagan doctrines--by request!

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    When men set standards and by their own will perform to those standards they are justifying themselves by their own works.

    God states that no one on this earth can be justified accept through the blood of His son who He alone deemed worthy.

    Christ would not accept that he was good teacher he stated there is only one who is good and He is in heaven. Christain do not accept that they are good either they humbly acknowlege that their good works come from Christ working through them by His Holy Spirit.

    They understand that they are the body of Chirst, Christ has not become a slave to their personal body. They understand that their faith is a gift and so are all fruitages of Gods Spirit working in them and through them.

    They further understand when God completes the work in them that they cannot boast in and of themselves (in the flesh) because the have been recreated for God's will.

    So any "work" outside Christ is condemned to death by God. Thus, any work in Christ is - do to Christ giving his life for us. Because people do good work in the name of Christ or religion does not mean that it is the work of Christ body under God's well.

    What is in heaven is Holy uncorruptable what is of earth is corruptable. The seed sown in God's children is an uncorruptable seed from God. This seed conquers the world, this seed grows into a tree producing the fruits God supplies to it.

    If the tree is from God it produce good works because those good works come from God not man. If the tree is of man's good works it only produce death because men are dying and their ways are death. The gifts God give is His fruitage of love for man. Salvation is just one of those gifts.

    God gives salvation when we accept Christ Jesus there is nothing to earn it has already been given. If it is the real deal it must produce good for others the person recieving that gift is reborn, recreated for God's will, not their will of their flesh.

    Most Christain have no idea of the works being agrued in this forum they see it as doing something good for some one because the bible tells them to. They further believe by doing something good that they've earned a gold star from God.

    When a person accept Jesus Christ they are dead and God makes them new a new creation. That creation was not brought about by any of mans efforts or does God share His glory of such with any human effort.

    Once that is understood the works in the bible become very understandable. Moreover, when that is understood then all of men's works are like bloody rages to God this then goes well beyond the works of the "Law" that Jehovah's Witnesses used to obligate people to go to the door.

    JW's witnesses do not go to the door because God Spirit in them motivates them to share God's love with neighbor rather they are movated by requirments and to stay in good standing with the org. And for that reason when they leave the org. they "stop" going door to door!

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