Hi everyone! im also a newbie here.

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    When a person commits to the Jehovah's Witnesses by taking a bath in public, that person entered into a contract with the Watch Tower Corporation that gave the corporation a first mortgage on the Witness' life/time. When the elders and other Witnesses come around, they are there to collect on the debt owed.

    The Witness group isn't a religion, it's a separatist political action group functioning as a government called "The Theocracy". The Witness government has it's legislative branch, it's executive branch, and it's judicial branch. The local police are the elders. The chief of police is the circuit servant. The investigative committee is the court, and the judicial committee is the sentencing hearing.

    The exile from family and "friends" is the psychological prison of the Theocracy. Shunning is a virtual execution substituted for a real execution that they wish they could carry out.

    Adult Witness people are the worst people I've ever met in my life.

  • dhand

    Thank you very much for the warm welcome everyone! much apreciated, as i was a little shy at first! i cant believe there are so many newbies on here, some of them sharing the same reasons for leaving the JW's as i. I look forward in posting more comments soon, as i have lots to get off my chest, ha! regards, dhand


    Welcome to JWD, dhand!


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    I think the major reason many of us left is the "Severe" Lack of Love. At some point all the Talk (Brainwashing) about "How They Have Love Among Themselves" Rings False.

    Welcome To the Group. :-)

  • Evidently

    It's a avalanche of newbies!!!! Doesn't it warm the heart!

  • flipper

    D HAND- Welcome to the board friend ! My reasons for leaving the witness cult were very similar to yours - also I was a born-in and saw and experienced first hand the unloving, unjust heavy hand of the " elders ". You will find a lot of great support here - look forward to hearing more from you ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. & Mrs. Flipper

  • Quandry

    Welcome to the forum.

    Looks like more and more people are realizing things just don't add up.....

  • jamiebowers

    Welcome! You are one of many newbies. We are glad to have you among the ranks of the enlightened.

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    .....Glad to see you have finally joined!

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    welcome aboard.

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