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    I came here from another forum (which is no longer around). Back then, I would import things in the public areas of this forum that would help expose the Washtowel Slaveholdery to another forum, hoping to increase exposure.

    After that forum closed down, I joined here. That was about 7 months of looking here. Once I joined, I started posting soon after (I rarely join a forum just to lurk--usually I can do that as a guest). My chief motive is to strike back at the Washtowel Slaveholdery after they japped out on their promise to get me in with the opposite sex only to tell me to just meet men.

    And yes, to bash Jehovah Himself for making me a stench to the opposite sex in the first place, and then having those cockroach witlesses take advantage of the situation. (Hopefully God will realize that I do not care who it is--any being that volitionally and repeatedly impedes my sex needs will not be treated with any respect.)

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    2 & 5

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    Why did you first come here?

    1. searching the net for info about JWs
    2. came from another website
    3. friend told me about
    4. other

    On an emotional level where were you when you first came here?

    1. frustrated or fed up with JWs and WTS
    2. needed some info and support from other people who may feel the same way
    3. was DFed or DAed and felt lost and alone
    4. was involved with a JW and needed info about this religion that was interfering with the relationship
    5. other (I had no real connection to the JW & WTS for years, emotionally I had gotten rid of those feelings long ago.)

    How long did you read before you started posting?

    1. almost immediately
    2. a few weeks
    3. a few months
    4. a year or more (it wasn't consistent, I came here initially in 2005, I read for a bit, and then completely forgot about the place, then when a family member died and I had to go to a KH, I needed a place to vent and thought of this place.)

    If you go back in your history what was your first post?

    1. a question
    2. an interesting topic that pushed you to click on that reply link
    3. you simply thought it was time to introduce yourself and start posting
    4. other

    Have you gone through the archives (older posts) to. . . .

    1. do some research on the JWs or a particular topic related to the WTS
    2. was bored and started looking
    3. used the Best of . . . section to research various topics

    If you have been here for a while why do you stay

    1. social benefits - hanging out with friends
    2. only place you can be yourself
    3. research
    4. need support during the rough times
    5. helping others
    6. other
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