What's the crap with the" NEW LIGHT"???

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  • garybuss

    Terry, you wrote: Cartoon logic!

    Great post Terry. That might be my favorite new light post of all time! Good job!


    Since the Bible was completed God Yahweh ceased giving His new inspired revelations and nothing can be added to the Bible.

    We study the Bible and the Bible stays the same book while our understanding of the Bible grows and new better understandings come out into light and we must adjust oir views to the new discoveries in the Bible. It is as simple as that . The new light is a positive phenomenon and we must deal with this rightly.

    I began my religios life as a catholic and now I am an independent christian for years and if I compare my present views to the views I had back then as a catholic there is a huge difference.

    What I changed in my religious life is more than all changes the Watchtower has ever made ! And I am happy with my new religious views and how good it is to have a new spiritual light !

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life


    Beautiful post!

  • Solace1998

    there is a pattern of "new light" in the bible, although im not sure if or how it applies to the WTBTS --

    the information presented in the bible is progressive by its very nature, and even the understanding of what is written is shown to be coming in a progressive way. Jesus even said the apostles wouldnt understand everything in the present time -- and there are many examples of this.

    does this justify what has happened with jws? I dont know. But i know that it doesnt look all that bad, from this point of view. Truth is not absolute when you are dealing with imperfect men.

  • megawatt

    Being uncertain and/or imperfect is one thing, deliberately covering up and contradicting what is written to continue your ideas, morals and beliefs is an entirely different matter.

    Hell, Miller apologized along with many others about the 1844 date, admitting to it's error. After the Great Disappointment, Joseph Cummings CLAIMED he received NEW LIGHT on the end time prophecies, pushing the date forward to 1854-55 of the 2nd coming.

    Russell in the Zion's wt 7/15/1894 claimed there was no reason for changing dates, stating that the dates were "GOD'S DATES". But yet 13 years later Russells claims he NEVER said the dates to be infallible (huh?). (The Gentile Times Reconsidered-jonsson)

    Progressive pattern? Didn't the JW go back to a 1927 doctrine regarding the term generation?

    It's doesn't look all that bad? An organization with a history of lying and double speak coupled with failed predicitons, is pretty F'ed up from this point of veiw...

  • Sasha

    Have you not head the Witnesses always saying that "the light keeps getting brighter and brighter?" So bright now, I guess, it's new!!??

  • heathen

    I think the major "new light" concerning the end of the world is when they changed it from a literal to a figurative end . After all nobody can prove anything happened invisibly ,what they had were dates that were miscalculated many times for the end of gentile times . Chaz russell made many a mistake in that area.

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